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The new job is interesting. As expected, it’s more complicated than my initial impression, and will likely be a snap once I actually get the hang of all the systems. Seriously – this job is one that, once I get the basics down, will be something I could almost do in my sleep. I foresee doing knitting or crocheting, maybe making jewelry, while at work.

No, really. I’d write, but at any job where you take customer credit card payments, writing instruments are verbotin. That’s for everyone’s protection. I’ve worked in a similar environment before, so no biggie, ya know? However, since this job is NOT back-to-back calls, it means I’ll be taking books to read and other things to keep me from falling asleep. I kid you not when I say the environment is about 1000 percent less stressful than my previous employer. What’s more, it frankly isn’t much different in pay, either. But our expenses are substantially lower now, so in practice it’ll be more like a big honkin’ raise.

After a year of scraping, that’ll feel like luxury, especially when you add in having health insurance (among other benefits) again.

I DO look forward to getting a new car asap. I hate the prospect of taking on payments, but it’s a necessary evil. I’m talking about almost immediately, by the way. When I’m driving 50 miles one-say, I intend to get something better than our current 11-year-old beater. I’m looking at automatic, air, and cruise control. Our existing buggy only has one out of three. Everything else is negotiable, in terms of vehicle. I don’t care if I go new or simply newER, but it’s gotta be a step up. I’d kind of like another wagon or mini-SUV style, and will be looking in that direction. Who knows? I might even buy a brand-new car, which would be a first for me.

I got my official work schedule today. As it stands, it means we’re going to be out of the yard sale biz for at least a while, so we may start hitting thrift stores and other similar outlets to give my husband something to sell. He already knows – and has decreed he’ll return to his writing project for the hiatus. I have no doubt he’ll do that, too, but we’ll do something to fill his need to sell stuff, because I know him. He’ll start selling things from the house, our own stuff. (Not that I necessarily mind that in some cases!) The neighbors are bringing him goodies to sell for them, and one of my new colleagues may have literally half a house full of things for him to sell – so even without yard sales, I suspect he’ll remain in business for a bit.

He’s also promised to rebuild a deck, which needs to be done while it’s still relatively cool outdoors. Maybe if he’s not so absorbed in his sales, he’ll get the projects done around the house. In one day, he’s already achieved a little of that!

crystal ballOne of my new colleagues was in pain Monday (first day for us), after injuring her back. We’re talking in-tears pain.I volunteered during break to rub her back for her, which she welcomed. She came up to me yesterday and told me in all seriousness that I’m a healer, because after a solid month of pain, her back had been pain-free ever since I rubbed it. Then she commented, “Pffft – I know you know you’re a healer. You know all about that stuff.” And I kind of stood there blinking.

I do believe that we can heal ourselves and others. I also know there are faith healers who are total frauds, so I tend to remain low-key and am uber-conscious of where and with whom I discuss those subjects. I didn’t even touch on my colleague’s comment, nor several she followed with. I sure didn’t volunteer my personal beliefs during the training class, nor outside of class. It’s not what I consider professional conversation. So I have no clue where that came from. I’m glad this lady was feeling better, just kind of dumbfounded at some of the things she said to me about it. It was… interesting.

Without getting too out there about it, this whole thing corresponded to some other experiences over the past week or so. Wild and crazy moments in life, lemme say that.

Otherwise the job is going reasonably well. For virtually the entire class, one system’s been messed up. I think they finally got it straightened out, though for me it required a trouble ticket and I probably won’t get the whole enchilada until later today. Mind you, this was after at least a couple of hours’ worth of phone calls. Gotta love technology.


  1. Hil Hil January 26, 2017

    Hooray! Good newses! The world needs some good news. Can’t wait to see the new wheels you get.

  2. Poolie Poolie January 26, 2017

    You are back in the saddle again! Congrats!

  3. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel January 26, 2017

    I’m so glad that your future seems to be turning into something good. I bet you are a healer and I hope you can continue to use your gifts when needed.

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