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Five Gallons of Cheese Puffs

This may be the most bizarre week I’ve lived in a while. I’m trying to juggle a WHOLE lot of stuff right now, dealing with insane deadlines. Considering I’m technically unemployed, it’s ironic that I’m working my ass off. Fun, huh?

Last weekend we did our normal yard sale run, plus a little extra. Saturday we had to cut the run short because I had to drive 35 miles one way to go to my daughter’s baby shower. It was kind of a love/hate thing. Loved getting to see some of my other grandchildren, including the new granddaughter and my other grandson that’s near the age of the one who lives with us. It was wonderful to know that the 4-year-old is finally starting to talk. (He’s been diagnosed with autism. Brilliant child, just missing the genetic predisposition to chatter his head off.) Since the baby shower was going to include a lot of kids, it was held at a park. The autistic grandson got stuck at the top of one of the climbing things and sat there calmly repeating, “Help. Help. Help,” until somebody arrived to help him past the hurdle. No panic or crying, just “Help.”

He now greets his mom when she gets home from work, with “Hi Mom,” and a hug. The latter is definitely not typical autistic behavior. This little guy isn’t as social as his cousin, but he’s significantly more so than many autistic children.

Hated the painful things that the marathon day did to my body.

As to the title of this entry – we brought home leftovers from the shower. We got a quarter sheet of cake, which was more frosting than cake. We also got a five gallon container of cheese puffs. No, that isn’t an exaggeration. I asked hubby to take a picture because I never saw any packaging that large before. As much as I love my husband, when I ask him to do something I don’t hold my breath. You’ll notice there’s no photo of cheese puffs contained in this entry.

Old FartsSunday I went to pick up pictures. G and I sprang for photos together, the first professional ones we’d had done in the entire time we’ve been together. We’d already paid for the promotional 12×18, and given how abysmally bad my photos typically turn out, I wasn’t expecting to want any more. Instead, I was blown away. I’ll never be a raving beauty by any standards, but these are the best photos I’ve had in forever. My sister said she thinks they’re possibly the best I’ve ever had taken.

If there’s a polar opposite to photogenic, I’m it. That’s why I was so shocked by these. I bought the smallest package deal they had, which was honestly pretty generous for photography deals these days.

I asked hubby to scan them in. Several days later and counting, it’s still not done. So I scanned one in tonight while he’s in bed. Problem solved.

The business is moving along at an accelerated clip, and at the same time is atrociously slow. I think we’re approaching our 20th budget revision. Some of the changes have been because we were able to get more accurate numbers than we had when we started. Others have just shuffled the same numbers to a different part of the budget. Any way you slice it we have a sound business plan. It’s a good thing. I thought the budget was all we’d need for a bit longer, but my partner has another appointment with the city of Saguenay next week and they want the business plan in hand at that meeting. So guess who’s going to be working until all hours putting it together?

I got the Trade Name paperwork from the state today, so tomorrow sometime I need to go open the official business bank account. That’s what originally stalled our IndieGoGo setup. However, since we first started discussing this juggernaut I’ve taken full advantage of every lull. For example, I know now why we should form an S Corporation vs. an LLC or a C Corp. A month ago I didn’t have the foggiest idea what made the difference. I’ve amortized our property and other long term costs, calculated Compound Annual Growth Rates for our three primary business channels. I’ve documented projected sales and brainstormed marketing techniques.  We discovered that we need a hella lot of bigger UPS and generator backups than we originally calculated, but that we can get modular and add them as we need them. I can tell you approximately how many square feet will be heated by a single server rack. I can even make an educated guess on how much a large greenhouse would probably pay monthly to heat the space if they were using gas heating instead of our heat exchange system. We know how many employees we need on Day One and during the build. Et cetera, et cetera.

If that last paragraph made your head spin, welcome to my world.

Once we get a sense of the IndieGoGo response, we’ll start some of the other longer-term loan, grant, and subsidy applications. Hopefully we can collect enough via crowdfunding that we don’t have to borrow a fortune in business loans.

Part of the reason we’re doing this is because people in the great white north are paying blackmail prices for fresh food. We’re talking $7-8 for celery, for example. I can’t fathom paying that kind of money for something to eat. If everything goes as well as we hope and our greenhouse partner can keep up, we intend to change that. We’re also trying to bring decent paying jobs into two different areas where good paying jobs simply don’t exist. If we can do all that and keep things environmentally responsible. I’d call that a win-win.

We even plan on sending biodegradable garbage to the greenhouse for compost. When I say we’ve accounted for everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING.

It’s way too late and I’m going to call it a night. Tomorrow’s going to be a looooong day.

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