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Feeling Groovy

I am still a bit shaky but overall really still doing well!  I actually drove a short distance to the local drug store (yes it was okayed by the doctors) and while I didn’t do a lot of shopping, I was able to pick up the few small things I needed – specifically bandages to change out for the ridiculously oversized ones I bought before I knew better.  I would have been fine on a motorized cart running wherever I need, but walking tour this was about the limit of what I could do comfortably.

Lest anyone ask me if I’ve lost my mind – the doctors were explicit that they want me moving, and walking, as much as I can without overdoing it.  I’ve got it in writing, heh.  The only driving restriction was the time from my last percocet, which is now safely elapsed.  I am not a big fan of taking any meds I don’t absolutely need.  I’m not opposed to taking pain meds when I’m in pain.  I won’t take anything for minor discomfort.    Given that I didn’t even have minor discomfort, why would I scarf down something my body doesn’t need?

My realtor emailed to ask about my surgery, which I thought was kind of nice.  Yes, she’s making money with us, but she still didn’t have to do that.

I told her I’m doing well and that G and I narrowed things down to area #2, and that we’re going to suck it up and get the money socked back asap.  For the same (or less) money you’re getting homes that are roughly 5 yrs newer, plus another 300-400sf in the home.  It’s just a significantly better home for the money.  Fortunately G and I are on the same page and we should be able to make it happen pretty shortly.

Since I’m working with my laptop and don’t have a photo editor I’ll just post a couple of unedited house pics here.  I tend to save the larger pictures.  Good for decision making, not so good for posting to blogs!

Big house little price

Like I said – big picture.  This place is a short sale, would be about $150-200 below our current rent and has a little under 1700sf.  It’s on a fair-sized corner lot.  It’s a pretty place – sorry about not throwing out any additional pictures but I figured this would be enough to get the idea across.

Closing out this entry and going to be lazy a bit.  I have the luxury of getting some rest and absolutely taking advantage of the fact.  My body doesn’t know when to sleep and when to be awake yet.  Just as well because I will be going back to work in another week and a half or so.

One extra-nice perk to living at location #2: Amtrak runs smack through the middle of town.  So it wouldn’t take more than a long weekend jaunt to hop on the train and visit Poolie.

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