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FakeEmail Strikes Again

Apparently some people take a LOT of exception to [name removed to stop the ongoing grief I’ve gotten from people who claim she’s a real witch who will cast a spell on me.  Apparently the spell involves diary spam and if so, she was very successful].  I got another message from a fake email.  I typically wouldn’t let it ride precisely because it WAS a fake email, but at least this time the message itself was phrased in English and was coherent.  Even so, apparently this person STILL missed that I’m not in any way an advocate of [name removed] (who I think is certifiable on many, many levels.)  I let this comment post strictly to let y’all go back and look at it. * You can’t see it, but adding to the writer’s believability, the reply email address was “fakeemail@…”

*Later edit – took it out if for no other reason than it contained the author’s name and I am watching the comments so I can put a stop to any contact at all from the person behind them. I’ve got better things to do than click through needless spam.

Anonymous comments are the epitome of credibility, after all.

This will be the last entry I post on an obscure author with a Virgin Mary fetish, no matter who responds to it.

Sheesh – I had my other diary private but figured there are so many pages online, who would find me?  Guess that’ll teach me.  Interestingly enough, the previous comment concluded with, “I get 20K hits a month on my diary.  How many do you get?”

What the heck does that have to do with anything?  I personally love the heck out of my obscurity.  I have a handful of readers whose diaries I also read, and those folks I consider personal friends.  I’ve visited a few of ’em in real life and found them to be just as warm, witty, and spectacular folks as their journal entries show.  But am I looking for everyone on planet earth to read here?  Not in the least.  While I haven’t made it private, neither am I promoting it in any way, shape or form.  (Nor do I intend to do so at any time in the foreseeable future.)  20K hits on my personal diary, unless it contained something substantially more interesting than the details of my mundane life, would probably give me a stroke.

I actually got nervous back on Diaryland when my diary showed 50-ish dedicated readers.  Freaked me right out.  Having dealt with stalkers in real life, that kind of numbers always make me wonder exactly who is reading me.  And my fertile imagination fills in the blanks with characters from the Freddy Kreuger school of horror.  Considering what one crazy person’s name drew out, is it any wonder?

I haven’t once looked at my stats since moving here.  As a rule I tend not to write about politics any more, and God knows my day-to-day life doesn’t cover the obscure-but-potentially-viral references necessary to drive traffic to me.  (Not as far as I know, anyway.)  I’ve posted little bits of this and that from other books, including some that sit on the fringe, much like the aforementioned one.  Not quite on such a tattered fringe, granted, but most assuredly off the beaten path.  I’ve posted a couple of references to a certain other and better-known author, for example.  Different venue: his works cover archaeology rather than psychic phenomena.  Still, his work is also planted firmly in the land of Out There.  He has some valid ideas, too, some things that I’m now seeing on the History Channel, National Geographic, etc.  Then he gets going on mathematical formulas… for multiple chapters… repeating the same.  damned.  information.  Sooooo… yeah.

For those of my readers here for the continuing saga of Lei and G, we looked yesterday at several more places.  We will definitely be buying one of the places we saw a few weeks ago.  This week we found homes that blew the other place away AND cost a fraction as much, in better areas to boot.  I’ll keep you up to speed as things progress.

I’m working overtime today, so guess I’d better get going.  It’s a short day but hopefully a good one!

LATE EDIT: The above reference is not intended in any way to slam my Wiccan friends and readers like Miss Hiss.  She and others like her showed me long ago that Wicca is a religion of peace and honor.  Like other religions, it doesn’t preclude the occasional nut job, but neither do I excuse such misbehavior as a part of the beliefs.  ‘Taint so.

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