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Facebook Facepalm

Let me start by saying I’m not especially a fan of Facebook.  Seriously, it annoys the crap out of me.  But I obviously recognize its value as a promotional tool and planning to use it for that purpose.

Creating my personal profile again – simple process.  The business signup for ReadWriteGo is being a Royal pain in the tuchus (or however it’s spelled).  Won’t save anything and not searchable.  I want to give it a few swift kicks.  And then strangle it for good measure.

The project is moving along from the tech end of things, but I’ve got to start promoting it for writers.  Will be adding to Craigslist locally and will use some of my Google AdWord credits to promo it.  Wanted to hold off on the latter until we’re ready to actually sell, but when the time rolls around I’ll just play it by ear.

I finally got to the ReadWriteGo page and “liked” myself.  (That sounds obscene, doesn’t it?)  And by kicking and screaming figured out how to link my personal and business profiles so I’m not pulling my hair out – much.  Progress!  So now ReadWriteGo has Facebook page –  Yay!  If you were my friend before and I lost you in the transition, please be aware it was nowhere near intentional.  Just bing me and ask me to friend you.  I am working in a brain fog today and have a few bazillion things to do.  But I’m on a roll.

Or I will be after a bath and clean hair anyway, heh.

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