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Err… Can I keep this life instead?

I have been dreading for entirely too long the process of working over my back taxes.  I sent in the paperwork a few weeks back and after everything was said and done, got a notice saying that it was taking them longer than planned to figure out what I owed.  Ergo I was chewing my nails and dreading the result.  My sis has had nightmares dealing with them, time and time again.

So far I’ve gotten back one check(!) I didn’t expect, and finally today I got a notice on another year’s taxes – which, after correcting for some credits didn’t have a clue were allowed, came out to well less than half what I had figured.  Including penalty and interest it was less than half.


I was gifted today with a Tommy Hilfiger purse and new fuzzy bedroom slippers.  It’s bigger than I normally would consider but it’s gorgeous – it’s even purple!  (The purse, not the slippers.  They’re black but they’re so comfy I can overlook that minor deviation.  Plus there’s that whole fact that they were gifties!)  None of this was expected, which made it even cooler.

The picture looks more blue than purple, but trust me – it’s purple.  And they consider it a medium sized bag…  To me it’s ginormous!  I always look for the tiniest purse I can squish all my stuff into, because otherwise I end up carrying EVERYTHING in it.  We go to a store, G finds a book: “Put it in your purse please, Baby.”  It’s the bane of carrying a handbag.

Still, I’m keeping it.  (Hey, I’m not THAT stupid!)

Sometimes miracles still happen.  And sometimes they happen back-to-back.

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