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I have neglected updates here over time. Sad, but true. I’d like to claim it’s because I’m too busy – which isn’t entirely untrue – but I’ve been busy virtually my whole adult life and still kept up a blog or forum or whatever, ever since I went online. Now I’ll grant you, caring for a toddler isn’t conducive to regular updates, and that does indeed count for a part of it. The bigger excuse is probably ennui. There’s no lack of busy work but definitely a lack of engagement in it.

This is also our busy time at work. We have mandatory overtime scheduled, which I dread. My body is already arguing the point over the increased workload combined with the season change, and that’s with regular hours. God help me with the added work day. Oh well, it’ll be good money if it doesn’t kill me.

G and I still do our regular rounds of yard sales on the weekends – cheap entertainment on the whole, and more often than not our expedition results in finding items we can resell (and do). This weekend we forewent the driving and held our own sale, clearing out the combined detritus of previous excursions, the cast-offs from neighbors and friends who moved out, etc. G did the heavy lifting, literally and figuratively. He loves this stuff. If he were more secure he’d be happy as a clam to run a retail establishment along the lines of a consignment shop; but as he put it today, it stops being fun when your livelihood depends on whether or not you make your sales quota to cover the bills.

Still and all, this sale was successful for us. We can access the garage again and we were ahead enough to get a set of desperately-needed small (and Wally World cheap) chests for our bedroom. We also went out for breakfast this morning to Denny’s – big spenders, eh? The rest of the cash is assigned 100% to bills.

My body didn’t take well to the sale. I was on my feet a little too long. While it didn’t hurt when I was there, after the sale was over I crashed and burned hard. Really, really hard.

Meh, I knew better than to be up and around that long. That’ll learn me, heh.

Tonight the baby and his mommy are gone, and will be until late tomorrow. I have only one babysitting day this week, hallelujah. I’m beyond exhausted and we’re just now launching the crazy-busy time of year at work, which last year lasted six months instead of the typical 2-3. Urg. I get no more time off for another month, but have a four-day weekend the third week of February. I’m gonna need it.

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