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Eleventh Hour

The title of this entry sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Ooooh, the eleventh hour

Not exactly ominous, though it’s a situation rife with complications. We have ten grandchildren now. There is probably going to be an eleventh. The pregnancy is confirmed. Everything else is up in the air. All things considered, G and I are trying to remain neutral ’til we find out which way the wind blows.

We did a marathon shopping day today – if you follow me on FB, you already know we bought a new sofa and recliner. I found a sofa I loved at the first place we stopped, but G nixed it on the basis of comfort. Both G and I skew to the short side, and a lot of sofas are too deep for us to sit comfortably. Either our feet dangle above  the floor, or we can’t sit all the way back, or both. Usually it’s both. The one we bought was one of a handful that “fit”. The recliner was my issue – almost none of the models we saw offered support under my knees. The one we bought was literally the only one that ticked the support box. I’ll probably end up living in the thing more than anyone else does, so G didn’t want to make a decision on it at all. I still insisted he sit and see if he thought it was comfy. (He did.) It wasn’t my favorite in appearance, but it’s the right thing for my body.

We agreed a while back to get a new sofa and recliner, and eliminate a disintegrating loveseat and a pair of oversized chairs. It should make a lot better use of our space. The sofa is slightly longer than our existing sleeper loveseat, but we’re trading two oversized club chairs for one small recliner. We’re also getting rid of a tatty ottoman that we’ve been using as an end table. G gets to do the interior designer thing, because 1) he’s better at it than I am and 2) I don’t have time anyway.

We plan to give our old furniture away. The chairs are in good condition, just not suited to the space. The loveseat is part of what was originally a sectional. While it isn’t spectacular, it isn’t torn or stained, and it is a sofa bed. What”s more, the bed is actually comfortable for sleeping. With that in mind, we figure someone can use them. Local FB groups always have someone begging for furniture due to family misfortunes. If we can help someone, everyone wins.

Apart from the furniture hunting marathon, we made a half dozen stops trying to track down an adapter for our new range hood. The old one developed a short, and the replacement didn’t fit our non-standard vent. G finally found something he can jury rig to do the job. Since it’s not an electrical component or fire risk, I’m all for it.



  1. Hil Hil June 23, 2017

    Congratulations on the new grand baby on the way. Great choice on the sofa! I am saving for a sofa right now. Dogs destroyed the old one. The photo of you in the sofa store is just SO great. Love it.

  2. Joyce Joyce June 23, 2017

    Wow, that picture sure demonstrates the size of the furniture store. Congrats on the new purchases. The grand baby sounds a bit dubious – I hope it all works

  3. beanie beanie June 23, 2017

    If you are giving your furniture away, try listing it on next door …. its a neighborhood community you might enjoy…..

  4. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel June 23, 2017

    Congratulations on finding both a couch and a recliner. I hope you love them because of the extra space and the comfort. Good luck on the new grandbaby.

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