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Electric Avenue

Poolie mentioned the strip of error info at the bottom of this page.  Yeah, I know about it.  My restoral from backup conveniently skipped a whole lot of stuff in the reboot.  Some of it was media; God knows what else got left out.  It was a few pages worth of files.  So I ignore the errors and let it be.  Computers and the Internet: can’t blow ’em up without messing up your blog.

I read a handful of geek sites just because they’re fun, though they can also be informative and eerie.  One of my favorites is, which reported some of the things that happen to your brain when you’re exposed to an electromagnetic field, sometimes even for short periods.  The full article is here.  The top ten are:

10.  disintegrates the brain’s DNA over time
9.  stimulates brain cell growth
8.  diminishes appetite
7.  makes you spin in circles
6.  pacifies
5.  alters morality
4.  removes the ability to speak while leaving the ability to sing
3.  induces panic, disorientation and profound fear
2.  causes seizures and death
1.  makes you see ghosts

Considering the fog of technology in the 21st century and the fact that you pretty much can’t get away from electrical fields short of becoming a hermit, that’s kind of relevant information, doncha think?

It also explains a freakish amount of modern society.  Read the article and think about the insane BS people do today.  If the overlap doesn’t make you pause, turn off the TV, computer, microwave, lights, stereo, washer and dryer, dishwasher and electric stove for a few years.  You’ll eventually get it.

There are people for whom the effects are almost immediate and debilitating.  Hypersensitivity to electricity is a syndrome that’s got its own website – at least one, here – and is recognized as a disability by some European nations.

Another favorite site is equally intriguing but for different reasons.  I love – the Mother Nature Network site.  Besides the usual round of dire warnings that human beings are hazardous to our health, there are many wonderful tips and instructions and even recipes for natural solutions to living in a modern world.  I found today a gluten-free recipe to make homemade Mounds bars.  Their contest prizes are pretty cool too – a current contest prize is to win an organic garden, designed by a professional.  I could totally see Poolie doing something like that.  If we did indeed own our own home I would be entering because the toughest part of living in the desert is trying to garden.  It can be done and can be done successfully, but it isn’t easy.

Time to close this and get ready to head out.  Saturdays are G’s and my ‘date’ days.  We have a longstanding agreement that we spend the day together, whether we go to thrift stores, watch TV or whatever.  G hunts down things we both enjoy and while we rarely have a real itinerary, it at least gives us a loose idea of what we will be doing.

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