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Eau de Breathe

Can I keep this doctor?  PLEASE???

On the heels of a 4am bedtime due to uncontrolled coughing, I called the new doc’s office early this morning, hoping against hope that they could work me in today. Not only did they work me in but did so FAST.  I had just about enough time to get ready and get out of the door.

As it turns out, bronchitis had invaded my entire respiratory system, from sinuses to lungs and all stops between.  I gather it wasn’t pretty.  The allied forces have been called out and now include a kick-ass-and-take-no-prisoners antibiotic; a heavy-duty inhaler and some narcotic-level cough syrup to lock out the coughing.

I never heard a doctor use the phrase “holy cow!” when doing an exam before, heh.

My paycheck for the week will be shot to hell as I am not released to go back to work until Thursday.  Much as I hate taking the time off from an immediate financial standpoint, it’s better than going back too soon and having to leave again, which would result in my immediate termination.  Besides which, I just plain feel shitty and don’t want to even think about work at the moment.

Thank God, too for the FSA (Flexible Spending Account) option from work, plus the fact that it was set up on a restricted-use credit card and thus immediately available.  No digging pennies from the couch cushions to take care of co-pays, filling only selective prescriptions or postponing filling them because I was broke, and no waiting weeks or months for reimbursement.  The money was there and there’s still a small cushion left.

I had planned to write something a bit more broadly relevant today.  Unfortunately my brain is now shutting down and I’m not even going to attempt it.  Going to crawl into bed now, and opt for relevance later.

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