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Dust in the Wind

G and I were having a nice quiet evening at home tonight when the lights went out.  It’s a testament to the soundproofing of our apartment that we didn’t know about this until G opened the front door:

That massive cloud striking approximately (according to the news) 8000 feet up?  That’s dust.  Lots and lots and LOTS of dust.  And wind, too.  The reason for the power outages across town was that the wind part of the equation did a number on power lines.  There were lines down everywhere!  We had no power for about an hour and a half or two hours.  Bleh.

The above video is the birds-eye view.  From the ground it looked more like this coming in:

Dust Storm Downtown

About as much fun as you would guess looking at this.  News article is here if you want to read.

The one saving grace is that it hit so late.  The normal time for this type of craptacular weather is afternoon rush hour.  I don’t care all that much about a power outage if it weren’t for the AC situation.  Thank God again for the late arrival (about 7:30-ish) vs the heat of the day.  You can’t open the windows or you’ll be buried in dust indoors, have a mouthful and eyes and nose full of grit.  The alternative is sitting it out in what typically becomes a proverbial sauna.

Soundproofing in our case, luckily, also means decent insulation.  Our place got a little too warm to be genuinely comfortable but certainly never to the life-threatening extent it can become in some places in the middle of the day.  We survived and even got out and drove to the store during this behemoth.  It was bizarre – the grocery parking lot was a mini Sahara with small sand dunes banking and shifting over the blacktop.  I remember frequent dust storms when I was a teenager and have seen my share as an adult, but I don’t recall that particular detail ever before.

We have flashlights and candles so if we get hit with another outage we’re okay.  (There’s a storm watch until after midnight.) I set the alarm on my phone and replaced the spent battery on my alarm clock so I won’t be late getting up for work.  I actually slept this afternoon from around 2 until nearly 7.  I’d only been awake for a few minutes when the electricity went off.  I still have to get the satellite back up and operable, just haven’t had the ambition to get ‘er done yet.  Not going to futz with it tonight.  Let G do it tomorrow, heh.  He’s great at computers but utterly lost when it comes to TVs and their associated boxes and whosits.  I can’t help shaking my head and wondering why he can build a computer from scratch but can’t figure out how to change the input using the TV remote.

Here’s hoping some of the storms actually bring us rain and cooler temperatures!  I do love the monsoons once the rains move in.

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