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Dust in the Wind

This part of the world is dusty as heck.  You can’t avoid it.  There’s no grass or trees (at least not substantial enough to hold the dust in check.)  So I’m at the mercy of Mother Nature for allergy season – which subsides and becomes dust season.

Of the two, I’ll take dust season, but only just.

We didn’t get house number *mumble-mumble*  Can’t pretend to have kept count.  We’re offering on teensy places these days, along with one that’s a substantial size but is gonna need some substantial elbow grease to get it into shape.  I’d love the one requiring elbow grease but at this point I’m more about just getting something.  We’re about six weeks from the end of our lease.  I had worried about trying to stretch a purchase out until the end of next month.  Now, we’re up against ungodly rent and a whole shitload of nothing on the housing horizon.

It’s becoming mighty frustrating.  We’re offering right and left, including several places I’d previously have dismissed outright as too small.  These are nice homes but they’re not much more space than we have in the apartment, save the added grace of yard and garage.

Then we got the annual slam-dunk at work today, the one where they smile and pretend they’re doing you a favor while ripping up your paycheck.  The latest move completely guts the financial stability I was enjoying by moving to the new department, and for management to stand up and pretend it’s a positive thing is insulting.

It is horrible timing, enough so that I’m giving serious thought to tossing the house hunt to the wind.  I’m losing roughly a third of my income and no amount of saccharine pretense can change the math.  That most assuredly does NOT insure my loyalty.  And the job situation, while still not exactly rosy, has recovered enough that I’m not averse to putting my application in at other companies.

It’s the worst kind of Catch-22: we can’t afford NOT to buy because rentals are skyrocketing, but neither can we afford to buy because of the investors fucking over the market. If we tried to rent an apartment or house even comparable to the tiniest place we’re looking to buy, we’d be paying about $1500 a month, which is out of my league.  I guess we could go rent a wrecked mobile home and live the trailer trash life again if push came to shove, but even that costs more than it costs for a mortgage these days.

I am really, REALLY trying to hold onto my Zen, but I think it’s absconded  to the beach.  If anybody sees it, kindly tell it vacation’s over and it needs to get its butt back here.

I really need to remember to win a million bucks this week.  If I’d done that a while back it would have made things so much simpler.

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