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Does Anybody Know Where I Put My Oilcan?

It’s raining again. Or still, depending on your point of view.

If you live anywhere besides the desert,  you’re probably saying, “So what?”

In our case, any rain is a miracle; this much rain is a two-edged sword. God knows we needed the moisture.  We have been dealing with a nasty and seemingly relentless drought for the past several years.  Our monsoon season started and ended last year with barely a sputter, and almost nothing in the way of precipitation.  No, dust does NOT count as precipitation, even when it arrives in miles-wide clouds.  The water table had shrunk down to a serving tray, and the cactus were panhandling at Water-n-Ice stores begging for handouts.

This storm alone – not counting the ones bookending it before and an expected after – dumped more rain on us in two days than we received for all of last year.

Yeah.  It’s like that.

For anybody who’s been reading my diary since I was doing radio in Globe, Arizona, I should tell you that town got slammed with 8″ of rain in about 24 hours.  Given that the entire downtown of Globe, Arizona sits on the banks of a creek, I can only imagine what they’re facing.   In the early 1900’s all of downtown Globe got inundated, and I suspect they’re well on their way to that now.

Osborn Rd flooding
This is just off the main road I normally take to work. Obviously impassible – and yes, that IS a meridian and road running through the middle of the river. Or maybe a river running through the middle of the meridian and road.  Two treats in one!

Snobsdale, where I work, got 4.25″ since  yesterday.  This part of town (the part where I live) had it easy, only a couple of inches or so. Okay so granted that’s a horrendously large amount of water for us all at once. Still, compared to 4+ and 8+ inches, I’ll take it.

Trouble is that we aren’t really equipped to handle normal rainfall, and really ill equipped to handle significant rain.  Arizona made CNN news because a 6-year-old was washed away while his parents were trying to get him to the ER.  There is an entire community to the west of us that’s pretty much underwater, and there are plenty of roads closed ’til further notice thanks to flooding.  The local airport was closed down for several hours yesterday thanks to high winds.  Roofs in northern Arizona are collapsing thanks to a 1-2-3 punch of snow, then rain that partly melted the snow, then snow again – all of the above in staggering quantities.  One of the notable collapses was a building that housed a fabric store on one side and a famous-name bookstore on the other.

Forecasts were for about 5′ – yes, that’s five feet – of snow in higher elevations.  And it’s still raining and snowing, despite nebulous glances at blue sky earlier in the day.

Downed Tree
This is just one of countless trees uprooted by this storm.

In lower elevations, what we lacked in collapsing roofs was partly taken up in downed trees and all the crap thrown around by the wind.  When I was driving home from work yesterday afternoon we spied a police car on a side road and figured it was an accident – only none of the stopped cars appeared to be damaged.  Once we got a little closer, though, we could see what was really going on.  A tree had toppled across all lanes of traffic.  As we kept driving, we saw pretty humongous branches down, though fortunately none blocking the roads we had to take.

Several of the hundreds of highway closures are thanks to rock- and mudslides, one of the more festive side effects of life in the mountains.  Along with those come the ever-present possibility of unexpected walls of waters that come along in low-lying areas that really are safe – right up until that wall of water turns the curve of rock and slams into your car.  Yippee!

I’ll try to get out and get some photos tomorrow if my body cooperates.

I must’ve been the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man in another life.  The advent of the rain rendered me almost incapable of movement.  I have significant trouble walking, getting up once I’m sitting down – and more.  I know it’s arthritis and know my weight is aggravating it mightily.  Today was enough to convince G that my losing weight is a mandatory thing and I really, really have to have his support to the point of fanaticism.

He was worried I’d put him on a diet, I think.  When I pointed out he isn’t overweight so no reason for him to give up his beloved carbs, you could see the panic slide off into a puddle at his feet, hehe.  (He does have a bit of a tummy – the inevitable result of my cooking, which he likes – but he’s nowhere close to being obese.  I truly don’t think he would even be considered slightly overweight.)

This weekend has been one of those times I was seriously thinking of investment in a wheelchair.  We went out for a short while today.  After a little less than an hour I came home, took a massive dose of ibuprofin and creaked my way into bed to recuperate.  A two-hour nap helped a little, probably for the simple fact of two hours’ immobility.

If I only had a heart oilcan!  (And maybe an ark!)

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