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Disputified and DeComputerized

Some days things go well.  Some days you kind of cringe even if things are (theoretically anyway) going well.

G’s new ‘puter, the one we bought him just a few months ago?  Toast.  Seriously.  We spent $50 we couldn’t really afford today to buy a replacement power supply get him back online and operating.  Except it didn’t work.  Since the damned thing won’t even post that only leaves a couple of possible problems, namely the motherboard or the processor.  (We checked the only other likely culprit – the RAM – and it was good.)  We can probably get a reasonably priced motherboard IF it’s that – still in the range of $50-75 though.  His processor, if we have to replace that, was on the order of $100.  The parts ARE under warranty, but getting a warranty replacement will at best take time, which does not a happy G make.

Once he got a bout of emphatic cussing out of his system he calmed and swore to follow up on the warranty, extracting in blood if so required.  He has to take care of it if he wants his fancy-schmancy high power ‘puter back – I can’t shell out any more money to fix it.

I’ve been working with mortgage dude on a blip on my credit, more pain in the ass than I anticipated.  I am approved, seriously – just sitting on one stupid, glare-worthy blip.  Before I started this stuff l followed the advice of several folks and worked to clean up my credit history.  I jumped through hoops – on the advice of some folks in the know – to dispute charges on a couple of things that showed up on my credit history.  One was removed; the other was sustained but showed as a dispute.  They really weren’t my bills, for what it’s worth, but my darlin’ ex pulled a whole shitload of comparable stuff on me.

Unfortunately changes in financial rules this year made it so you can no longer be approved for a mortgage if you have any disputed items showing up on your credit.  And it costs $135 to remove a dispute.  (Nearly as much as the damned bill, of all things.)

Can you say, “what a racket?”

I knew you could.  (God knows I did.)

So between those two unplanned expenses I’m irked and broke but at least they’re paid.  However, Christmas this year ain’t happening.  Between the kids and the computers, tough noogies.  Bank of mom is locked for the foreseeable future.

Time for me to wrap things up tonight.  I was on my feet entirely too long tonight and my knee is screaming bloody murder at me.  For anyone who knows or cares, I limped through Fry’s Electronics this afternoon.  Not one of my brighter moments.   Percoset is callin’ my name and I’m mighty glad for the leftovers!

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