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Digging Up Bones

I’ve moved my blog enough times that it’s become a rebuilding process not only for the virtual/physical content, but also my readership.  I never had a lot of readers (which is just fine with me, thank you very much) but did have a few faithful ones.   I still own the domain; unfortunately the combination of budget (I don’t have one) and technology required me to change the domains around for the time being.  Not sure how long I’ll keep it like this so don’t change your bookmarks just yet.

I’ve got a work project to hammer out this weekend.  Unfortunately I woke both yesterday and today at the typical outrageous morning time I’d normally get up FOR work, and as a result the perverse side of me is putting it off as much as possible.  So far I’ve printed out two full-page screen shots and that’s the sum total of it.  Then again, for this product training there frankly isn’t a heck of a lot more TO print out.  It’s corporate-specific, I think it’s overpriced and overblown for what it does, and there’s precious little tech stuff we can do for it anyway.  The overpricing thing isn’t just us – it’s a product that’s offered by other companies as well and it is ALWAYS pricey.  I personally don’t even like the features it includes, though I can understand how they’d come in reasonably handy for business purposes.  On the personal front it annoys the shit out of me and I definitely wouldn’t ever pay what it costs to keep it up and running.

Still, for the businesses that DO want it, we need to know how to tech it to the best of our ability, hence my prep for training my colleagues.

I have a VERY short work week this week – work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for an appointment with the knee doc, and go back Thursday – then off for a four-day weekend.  I considered canceling the Friday vacation day but figured I need the time to regroup and rethink some strategies.  I volunteered to work Thanksgiving Day and the day after – both of which I could’ve taken off if I wanted to – which will help our budget a bit without killing us for extra gas.  It’s a $10-a-day hit to the gas tank every time I drive into work, so I have to be selective.

Doubtful I’ll work all day Thanksgiving Day and that’s fine.  It’s double-time for as many hours as I am there and regular time for any remaining unworked hours.  Will probably work all day that Friday.  And this time of year we’re going into the proverbial dead zone, where we mostly sit twiddling our thumbs for about a month and a half.  I’ll be taking a book Thanksgiving Day because our calls tend to be about 20 minutes apart on holidays, right up until they let us know we can go home if we want to.

Anybody besides me so sick of the election bullshit you could vomit?  I don’t even answer my phone these days if it’s someone I don’t know because I’m getting one political hack after another calling to tell me to vote for them and/or their cause.  Best part is they’re from my old district.  When we bought the house we moved to a different county so I couldn’t vote for these morons even if I were so inclined.  If I were still in their district I’d probably vote against them just because they pissed me off.  (Okay not really – though it would be tempting.)   The mailbox is stuffed with slick ads which go directly to the recycling bin.  I don’t vote based on how much somebody pays for full-color printing, and I don’t vote on the volume of calls I get.  I vote based on what person or that proposition represents.  End of story.

I decided not to post my views on specific politicians – except that I don’t like the species in general.  On political issues, yes; but I would never presume to tell anyone else how to vote even there.  It’s none of my business how you cast your ballot.  I have friends and family who are militantly political, on both sides of the divide, and while I respect and in some cases share the opinions, this year it’s gotten downright ugly.  No thanks.  I learned that you can’t make the other side agree with you even with simple logic.  I sometimes wonder if it really is a good thing that we choose our leadership based on a popularity contest.  Because that is literally what voting is.  It’s important we have a say in what our government does.  I’m just not sure that the current voting arrangement truly gives us that.  We get self-serving egotists who say whatever they want us to hear, then promptly go on massive power trips that undercut everyone who voted for them.


Sorry, I’ll rewind my way back from that particular yellow brick road.

Speaking of yellow brick roads – there’s a new Oz film in the works.  It looks like it could be pretty cool.

I haven’t been to the movies in a while.  Can’t drag G out in the first place and can’t afford in the second.  I’m waiting for Brave to come out on video, when I’ll rent from Redbox.  But I might put back a couple of bucks to see this movie.

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