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Deep breath… and holding

All together now… can we say, “Holy shit…”

I had just two days ago posted about predictions of quakes, potentially a big one.  Looks like it was dead on (no warped pun intended, not this time.)  It was someone else’s prediction; I felt too crappy yesterday to have “sensed” anything, even if I claimed the ability.  The prediction was for a quake in the Christchurch region, something which could still materialize – a few days AFTER the huge temblor in 2004 in Indonesia a pretty nasty quake struck in Chile, like the clapper of a bell hitting the opposite side.  It’s not an uncommon phenomenon.

Guess I’m not the only one hitting the prognosticator’s website today.  It barely came up for me.  Of course he predicted a nice healthy shake on the 19th or 20th, so it’s a bit inexact of him to miss both location AND a week’s time.  Careless of him, really.  (Please note that I just pierced my cheek with my tongue on that, so kindly don’t heckle me about it.)

Seriously – how horribly sad.  And yet when you consider the enormity of the quake, it’s astounding that there aren’t more dead.  They’re expecting over a thousand dead.  Contrast that to the tsunami in Indonesia killed over two hundred thirty thousand… Well, it sort of puts it into perspective.   As one newsperson put it, it was both a miracle and a testament to preparedness.  I can only imagine the frantic pace it must have taken for some folks to escape though, in areas where by all reports they couldn’t have had more than five minutes advance warning.

Like most of the rest of the world I’ve been largely glued to the television news tonight.  I’ve got dinner simmering on the stove (chicken, quinoa, and spinach) and running back and forth typing a few words here then back to CNN or MSNBC – basically any news.  One eye on the stove, one on the TV, and one roving eye here, albeit irregularly!

I did make one outing yesterday, to a local outlet mall.  I was definitely NOT feeling like a trip to the mall; alas, laundry dictated otherwise.  As in, one of my precious few bras died in the wash.  Not G’s fault, he’s more careful with them than I am, heh.  Unfortunately I can’t buy my size at Wally World, so had to hit a specialty store and shell out entirely Too Much Money for them.  And while I was at it, I was waylaid by a cute bracelet in a kiosk, for which I paid the astronomical sum of $2.17 including tax.   Just call me a jewelry connoisseur.  It’s turquoise glass and cheap imitation silver and gaudy and tinkly – in short, Miss Hiss would adore it, too.  I tried finding an approximation online.  Alas, there was nothing so gloriously tacky.  I’ll try to get a snapshot tomorrow, before it starts getting dark.

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