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The snafu at work is now fixed and I am no longer facing an ungodly schedule for the day.  My boss went to bat for me and got it cleared up, thank God!

I also got the chance to talk to one of my interviewers and he was puzzled when I asked for feedback – he thought I’d gotten the job because that was their recommendation.  I was told the only reason I didn’t get hired was something internal that had nothing to do with me.  They even knew where they wanted me to be assigned.  (The job would have applied to multiple departments.)  Next time things come open I will have to go through another interview process and it’s not a guarantee, but at least I know the only reason I didn’t get the job was a technicality.  The interviewer even told me some things I can do in the meantime to help move me in that direction.

That’s one of the awesome things when you interview internally where I work – you’re encouraged to ask.  Movement is expected and success is supported like nowhere else I’ve ever seen.

No worries – I’m more than happy to stay put.  I like what I do and I make a decent wage these days, so why would I complain?  Not only that, but I work M-F days in a business that’s 24/7.  M-F shifts are gold.

Oops – it’s after 4am.  Gotta head out or I’ll be late.

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