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Daylight Come And I Wanna Go Home

It is SO patently not fair that when it is so gorgeous outside we have to work.  I know, I know – I spent the better part of a week NOT working.  But being sick ain’t no picnic, either, and doesn’t count as a vacation.  Last VACATION I got was a four-day holiday weekend during which I drove (with NiciM) to San Diego to witness the joy that was a Poolie play!

Of course we had the added bedazzlement of genuine tiaras, provided by none other than her majesty, Miss Hiss the magnificent.

I suppose that sounds a bit like gushing – and I suppose it is.  But think about it.  Where else could such a far-flung, fabulous array of articulate, funny, saucy, talented, amazing friends have found one another?  Throw in yet more amazing ladies like Zenandchocolate and Casa-Rosie; or h20phobic, whose day-to-day life is a testament to surviving the worst life can throw at you and coming out of it with a grace that touches hearts thousands of miles away.  There’s no way I can cover everyone whose spirit has touched me across the miles, and I’ve got even less ability to articulate (or write for that matter) the degree to which all those friends have impacted my life.

But one thing’s for sure.  Y’all have made it better.  So very, very much better.

I’m afraid I have no anecdotes for the day.  I’m home from work, getting ready to go finish reading a paperback romance and curling up with a pillow for about seventy-eleven hours or thereabouts.  When I do, it will be with a smile on my face.  Because we all know the power of a smile. It’ll drive everybody crazy wondering what I’m up to.

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