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Dancing in my Chair

The past couple of weeks have been… unique. I’ve gotten lackadaisical about posting here because my real life went from a spartan affair to mighty full. When I started writing a blog back in 2003, my kids were grown and gone and I was single, working ungodly hours in tiny-town radio. Social life was measured in negative numbers. Writing was therapy and social, and flowed like water from a faucet left cranked all the way on.

Fast forward twelve years and a lot has changed. Still working, albeit for more pay and a big company (at least relative to where I’ve generally worked.) I have a husband, one I mostly like nearly ten years later. Yeah, we have our moments; who doesn’t? I have the challenge of working around a degenerative disease or two that sometimes makes writing a literal pain.

I have seven and a half grandchildren – just found out about the new one on the way, and very happy about this one. My youngest son is the one who most wanted a family and had been most stymied along the way. His fiancee has miscarried at least two times before, so this time they waited for good ultrasound results before announcing their new family member to be. We’ve teased that it had better be a girl, but in reality we’re simply overjoyed that this is a child who will be loved to pieces, boy or girl. Son and I are betting on a boy. Given the fact that we have only one granddaughter among the other seven, something tells me that a boy is a safe bet.

My last entry referred to a reading, and I’ve had a second from the same person. It was an expansion on the first set of messages, with a few more details added in. All in all, some introspection lies ahead to mull it over.

I don’t plan my life by the words of psychics and such, though readings from people I trust often act as confirmations for things I already knew. I’m not going to shell out $50K to someone promising to lift a curse from my life. I believe there are people who are genuinely intuitive and I respect the ability. That doesn’t mean they can dictate my entire life for me. I don’t make my decisions solely based on numerology or astrology or any other “ology”. I might take them into account to an extent, but real life doesn’t always let you postpone until the star alignment is auspicious. Most of the time you just have to live.


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