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Went house shopping tonight. I was pleasantly surprised; not only was the community larger than I understood, but there’s a lot more business there than I’d been led to believe.  There’s no Wally World or Target, nor any other department stores I saw; but there were other businesses, including a vet, dentists and doctors, insurance, all the restaurant chains, grocers, etc.  G said it was a city around 40K in population; if that was an exaggeration, it couldn’t have been all that far off.

House #1 – gone.  Wish I could say I was horribly disappointed but to be honest, it wasn’t my favorite.  Blew me away in the pictures.  Reality: not my style.  Too froufrou-castle-y.

House #2 ruled out because of location.  Instant elimination.  I had a feeling when it looked so good and was listed so cheap.  Realtor did her homework and said it’s one of the less desirable parts of town – one where safety would be a concern.  No thanks.

House #3, if it is at all humanly possible, will be mine.  It absolutely blew me away.  Huge place, that goes without saying.  The only reason the kitchen looks small is that the rest of the place is so frigging big.  Looks brand new; lots and lots of trees and green stuff not only in the yard but in the adjacent green space.  Neighbors a respectable distance away.  Sits at the end of a cul-de-sac.  Hard as HELL to find!!!  We drove all the heck over the place.  Mapquest did NOT help, thank you very much.  Their instructions sucked bigtime.  But it was worth the trip.

I don’t have closing costs saved and it’ll take us a few weeks (short of winning the lottery or something similar.)  My realtor is going to make some phone calls in the morning to see if we can postpone proof of funds until the offer is accepted by the bank, which would give us a couple of months’ leeway.  It’s VERY comfortably in our price range and we can probably get it for less than the 89K asking price.  It’s a short sale so we can count on a minimum of 60 days before it goes to the loan process, then another 30-ish for the loan process itself.  That would give me December and January to stash away the cash, and a move around February-March, somewhere thereabouts.  Very doable.

G wants us to wait.  In some respects it’s the logical approach.  As mentioned, there’s the money.  And the surgery.  And the car.  And the lease, and the timing of the whole thing.  And so on and so on.

Of course if we wait until HE’S ready to move I’ll be found in a moldy pile in the corner of trash-festooned closet goo, probably sometime in my 70’s when the rent has gone up to $1.6 million a month.  I’m not waiting until G says go.  I’m the one paying, I’m the one signing the papers.  Seriously – his name doesn’t appear on any part of the paperwork.  There’s also the reality that the prices are already starting to inch back up – and the number (and quality) of available properties is dwindling.  Area #1 has already shrunk from 50-ish homes in our price range to less than 30, all in the space of about 4 weeks.  Granted, there are more places westward and still more places waiting to hit the real estate listings eastward, but more places doesn’t mean jack shit if we can’t afford them any more.

If we jump in this right now – as in, within 24 hours – we have roughly 90 days to pull off the impossible.  Piece of cake.  With a cherry on top.

If anyone had told me there would ever come a time I could afford a home of this caliber, even a couple of years ago, I’d have accused them of insanity or some sordid addiction.  (Sounds like the name of a rock band, heh.)  As it is now, the whole thing is just surreal.

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