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Da Winnah

I kinda squinted.

I squirmed.

I made a face and squinted again.

I kept thinking… errrrr… Is this for real?

Remember my ordering a monitor from a little before Christmas?  And how G and I were planning to order a computer barebones kit soon to make up for the fact that I’m dealing with an anachronism from 19*mumblemumble*?  A few days ago on a whim I filled out one of those nobody-ever-wins online sweepstakes things where you could get up to a $300 refund from an order placed with them in February; or if you hadn’t placed an order in February (which I hadn’t yet, was just planning to do so in the next couple of weeks) you’d get a $300 gift card.  I didn’t think any more about it because let’s face it, it was a sweepstakes and who really ever wins those things?

Well… apparently I do.

There’s a list of the winners here and I’m one of the names on the list, got an email notification from them today.  I’ve checked several times and am pretty well sure it’s the real McCoy.  You can get to that page by typing the address in directly so it’s not a spoofed website.  Looks like in a few more weeks, G and I will get a new ‘puter kit for free.

Remember my saying now that the kids moved out it was time I started winning stuff again?  Talk about timing…

We also have an appointment tomorrow night to check out a car.  I don’t think we can realistically afford new even with all the new car specials and promises and rebates and such.  I crunched the numbers and it simply isn’t happening, no matter what.  But we’re going to check out a little Nissan Sentra with low mileage at a dealer down the road.  They’re already talking about payments in the range of what we can do – but given that it’s a 5-year-old model and it’s definitely a buyer’s market, I’m not signing on the dotted line until it’s the deal I want.  We also are getting quotes on a new Kia Soul, and a couple of other vehicles while we’re at it.  Yeah, I’m doing my homework bigtime this time around.  I wish I could go to a few places but with the hours I’m doing I have to live within my limitations.  The daughter’s buying the old vehicle for cash, which will be part of my down payment.  I’m selling it to her for $400, still a good deal for a car that runs.  The motor and tranny are fine, it just needs relatively minor stuff.  It’ll need a couple of tires soon but they won’t be putting the kind of miles in that I do every day, or if they do it’ll be because the boyfriend got his ass in gear for a job.  In that case repairs won’t be a big deal for them anyway.

If the kid doesn’t come through it’ll go on Craigslist for $700 or so and chances are it’ll get snapped up almost by the time we post it.  (Which wouldn’t break my heart, either.)  There’s always somebody looking for a cheap vehicle, particularly in a college town.

Best part is I am a big fan of Nissans.  Had a Sentra back in 1990 and absolutely loved it.  The newer ones have all the bells and whistles that are standard these days: automatic, cruise control, power everything, AC, CD player.  It’s been so long since I was near a decent vehicle I’d forgotten that time marches on and what used to be major upgrades are now the basics.  So whatever we end up getting it’ll be a nice giant step forward for all concerned.  The kid gets to abandon the Nike Express and I get to drive a vehicle that I’m not afraid to take onto the freeway.

All I need now is to win a new vacuum cleaner.

My mom won a car back in the day, and when I win one thing it tends to turn into a streak, so who knows?

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