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Cutting a Rug

Technically the title of this entry should have been CLEANING A Rug, but somehow that sounds a wee bit less glamorous.  And after all, I am such a glamorous person.  (Oh quitcher laughing.  It could happen.)

After work this afternoon we tackled the cleaning job in the now-spare bedroom, the one my darling daughter left a few days back.  In the midst of crying over her departure (or drinking a toast to it – I always get those mixed up in situations like this) we had decided to turn the room into an office.  However, we figured it just made sense to do a thorough cleaning job whilst there was no furniture there to divert our work.  So we (that would be a euphemism for moi) heaved a very weepy steam cleaner over the floor, merrily turning the cumulative dirt into cumulative mud.  Did I mention that the carpet cleaner was mighty efficient at depositing moisture and pretty much sucked at sucking it up?

Ah yes, it was SUCH soapy fun.  In all fairness, G did come behind me with a mop, thanks to the fact that the weeping of the cleaner didn’t end when the carpet did.

Dinner was a starch-heavy but effort-light potato soup.  Yes, I made it from scratch.  I probably should have made it from potatoes instead of scratch, but there you go.

I’m moving more and more to health food stuff.  I am going to add a couple of new pills to my growing repertoire, much as I hate to spend the extra money.  On a very serious note, though, it’s a lot cheaper to spend the money on health than it is to spend a fortune on sickness.  And I pretty much have to get healthy.  Nobody can do it for me, that’s for sure.

G and I are looking for places to live – this summer is not all that far away and G has finally gotten into the spirit of things.  For a while I was the one hunting for places.  Now he’s picked up the habit, heh.  (I’m corrupting him more moment by moment.   Ain’t it grand???)  I just have to steer him away from the one-bedroom places.  I think he’s hoping it’ll keep the munchkins away but that’s better solved by moving to age-regulated locales than restricting space.  I’m hoping for MORE space than where we now live, rather than less!

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