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There are moments in life when you experience perfection, joy, and peace.  Or at least are reasonably content.

Nature, not satisfied to leave it at that, tends to take its ping pong paddle to you as soon as possible after interludes like that, plunking you out of bounds on the losing side.

I’m writing this on a respectable laptop, meeting all but one of the criteria I requested and a few I didn’t think to ask for.  The one missing element is supposedly to be remedied: additional RAM,  since this little monster only has 512MB at the moment.  Very easily fixed. The son scored me a maximum heavy-duty business quality Dell laptop of fairly respectable vintage, with plenty of hard drive and the capacity for beaucoups updates if the mood and my wallet are so inclined.

After a late-night rendezvous with the kid to trade him for the iPad, I woke bleary eyed… no, “woke” is too strong a word here.  I stumbled off to work at o’dark thirty and am pretty sure I ran a red light, to the relentless flash of red-light cameras in my wake.

Things did not get better at work.  I normally truly like what I do.  Today I bit several inches off of my tongue to keep from shrieking at the sheer idiot factor.  I am not talking about simply not knowing what to do.  That’s not a big deal.  I’m talking about people who are studied at their stupidity, taking deliberate actions they KNOW will result in serious fucked-up-ness, then expecting me to miraculously fix it for free.  Then they bitch that our company’s taken a nosedive for daring to hold them responsible for their own actions.

Umm… no.  Not even for chocolate will I rescue that kind of knucklehead.

Tomorrow is another day and thank God the truly awful ones like today tend to rebound into really good territory the next day.  But damn I’m fed up with the 3am shit, the ongoing hash made of my paycheck, and so on.  I want to get the damned book done, to look at other options to get a hands-off business launched, and to retire.  Tired doesn’t begin to describe it.

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