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Crank Case

No python-esque mutterings tonight. I’m too tired, too frustrated, too…. Well, you get the idea.

G is still sick. It’s pushing three weeks now, and I’m thinking it’s time to get him checked by a doctor, one way or another. I imagine I’ll have to drag his butt out tomorrow, probably under threat of dire personal injury. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to threaten the dog, which might get his attention. (Not that either he or Ye Puppy of DoggeTM are likely to worry at the prospect, mind you.  But it’s the principle of the thing, you know.)

Work has been just… bleah.  I still love my job overall, mind you, and I’m not stupid enough to want to leave.  I’m just tired of the junior-high-school-level garbage maintained by my erstwhile carpoolers.  I finally kicked one of ’em to the curb today and the other will be footbound shortly after.  I was trying to do them favors.  The one I tossed out had the balls a couple of days ago to announce I “had” to give him 24 hour notice before telling him he’d have to find an alternate way in to work.

Mind you, he has a scooter he rides when the mood strikes him, so he’s got a readily-available alternate mode of transit; and he was carpooling with me the whole time for free, boys and girls.  Not a penny toward gas or anything else, thank you very much.  And he and the other person who were riding on my dime were feuding, or sleeping, en route both ways every day.  No company, no money, certainly nothing gained on my part to taxi them to work on time every day.  His snide remark (and yes it was snide) came in the aftermath of my going in early at our manager’s express request, to help my other rider with a mandatory test.  I told him the night before that we had to go in early the next morning.

On top of everything else, by hauling everybody else’s asses home, I have reverted to the kind of hours I did when riding the bus, an average of an extra hour or two worth of commute per day.

So yeah, I’m totally not in the mood to be the good Samaritan any more.

I’m sure part of the somber mood is related to the tragedy in Haiti.  I cannot fathom what it must really be like on the island.  Indonesia was a horrible tragedy but in some ways this is worse because it wiped out the capital, effectively eliminating the local government as an effective source of help.

Enough for tonight.  I’m tired, cranky, and going to bed.

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