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Counting blessings in sheep’s clothing

If you use RSS and got notice of a post that ain’t there, blame Apple. Posting via iPad can be a bitch and correcting their helpful spelling monster is impossible.

To try again… Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. We go back around fifteen years but had lost track. She asked me to pick her up from the hospital and asked if she could stay here a couple of days. I was thinking car wreck. I didn’t expect what I found. She’s only five years older than me but looks easy 25 or 30 years older. She was physically unwell – very much so.

What was harder to see was that she has become delusional, frightened to death of the phantoms chanting in her mind.

After we left her, G grabbed me in a fierce hug to tell me I need to take better care of myself. My friend’s issues are unquestionably the result of chronic malnutrition and a ridiculous soup of prescription medications. She had gastric bypass years ago, which is already a huge nutritional impact. Your body loses its ability to absorb nutrients. On top of that her junk food was washed down by gallons of sugary soft drinks.

*Deep breath*

On a much more positive note, I heard from G’s sister again after four years. I had communicated with her from the start but when we lived in Tucson and everything tanked I emailed asking for advice. She took it as disloyalty and all things considered I just let it go.

She apologized to me profusely, having mistakenly thought I was the reason G didn’t communicate either. Long story there, too much to tackle here and today.

A few days ago I guess something got through to G and he actually did reply to her. I have been asking him all this time. I gather it was like a floodgate opening once they started talking again. G is a different person in all the right ways and his sis was crying into the phone.

it has been a very difficult weekend in some respects. In others it has been wonderful. The study in contrasts notwithstanding, here’s hoping the rest of the week is nice and peaceful.

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