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I think it’s extremely cool that we are seeing space exploration become a commercialized venture.  The space race had stagnated in the public venue, virtually on its death knell.  Moving it to the private sector means revitalized interest and hopefully, a return of our literal and figurative upward trajectory.  A journey to and from Mars is still a ways off, but I do think it’s possible in my lifetime.  I’d also like to see the pictures and data from unmanned probes that reach beyond the limits of the solar system.

We’re already on that precipice and finding the tantalizing hints of a great, terrifying, amazing beyond.

And yet when you think about it, we are still in our proverbial room.  We haven’t left the house.  We can’t grasp the distances it would take to breech the limits of the galaxy.  Nowadays our scientific community postulates we’re a single universe among limitless universes – and that may well be true.  And perhaps even that is lost in the possibility of alternates to each of those universes, in which all possible things occur which could occur, all potentials are fulfilled and outcomes splinter off in endless directions.  It’s the ultimate magic mirror that reflects inside itself to infinity.

I’m just sayin’.

In other limitless news, it’s still up in the air about the latest house.  We’re on another tiered purchase scenario, where an investor is buying for cash to re-sell to us for a small profit.  The added layer of complexity is that it’s another short sale, ergo even if we get past the initial hurdle of current-owner approval we’re going to have to wait for an uncertain time for an uncertain negotiation with the bank before we even come into the equation.

We like the house and it meets our needs.  At this stage in the game we don’t have to worry about fulfilling our lease.  I just want to get ‘er done.

We will.  We are.  I’ve just got to be patient, no matter how painful, heh.

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