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Consider the bullet bitten

I finally sat down today and started going through potential e-commerce products, since G waited long enough I was about ready to rip him a new one.  There was no point in giving him hell.  It won’t change him a bit and if I tear into him it would just drive my blood pressure through the roof.  Once I realized that it was easier to say, “Here’s how it’s going down. Deal with it.”

Of course THEN suddenly he became a virtual font of questions. I rolled my eyes, patted him on the head, threw a few semi-canned answers his way and proceeded ignore him from that point forward.  So far I’ve found three possible products that caught my attention.  I need to contact the suppliers and find out their terms and so on and do some feasibility work to get things moving, finally.

I get caution, and I get that you’ve got to work with viable options. My issue is that nobody accomplishes a fucking thing by sitting and whining like a dying airplane in a tailspin. Or by screeching like fingernails on a chalkboard, for that matter (which is about as useful as scratching the chalkboard, too.)  You’ve got to get off your ass and actually DO something.  Much as I love G, he’s a lost cause when it comes to entrepreneurship.  I plan on staying married unless he does something monumentally stupid again.  But when it comes to the business, and the income it produces, he’s 100% out of the loop as of today.  I won’t bother discussing it with him any more.  I’ll just do what I need to do.  I’ll be checking into the legalities to make it stick, and considering his complete and utter determination to block my every attempt to bring him into things, I don’t give a shit if he gets butt-hurt over it.

G’s a sheeple with a capital “S”.  You know what happens to sheeple.  Sheeple get sheared or slaughtered.  For better or worse, I’m more billy goat than sheeple.  God knows I’ve survived on whatever I could scavenge over the years.  I’ve managed to fight through this much of life doing what I had to do and damn the consequences.  Might as well take it to the next step and make the consequences work in my favor.  If it involves some head-butting along the way, at least I’ve got the hard head it takes to get my point across.  Yes, I’m still mad as hell that he’s so obstinate.  I’ll get over it or I’ll toss him out and solve the problem that way, whichever turns out to be the right move at the right time.  Pardon me, though, if I have exactly zero sympathy for the fact that his situation’s on the back burner indefinitely while I literally take care of business.

On a much more positive note, I’m reading Terri’s book and it’s captivating.  Her style is simple and sleek – kind of a sweet, clear homespun voice that reminds me a little of  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  I’m only up to the third chapter and devouring every word.  Trust me – she’s a wonderful storyteller and I’m looking forward to seeing her published, whether on ReadWriteGo or Amazon.  We’re back and forth on which would legitimately be better for her.  I’d love to publish her but let’s face it: Amazon would give her better exposure and she certainly deserves it.  Bravo, Terri!!!

Wish I could say the same for my other submissions.  I’ve had two that are abysmal, three that are written fairly well but there are potential copyright issues, one where copyright issues are blatant, and one still unopened.  Given the hellacious past couple of months I didn’t do anything more to ask for submissions, so now I need to get that moving, too.  Bleh.  I really want to introduce bright new writers.  I know pretty much all of my readers are literate, and can see most of you publishing if you’re so inclined.   But as is true with G, you have to write, and I know all too well how frequently life conspires to make that impossible!

It’s late – again – thanks to my taking sleeping pills last night and sleeping in this morning.  3am is just around the proverbial corner so I need to wrap this up and try to get some sleep.  But I needed to vent and get it out of my system or I WOULD have ended up ripping G a new one.

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