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Holy moley, a lot accomplished since the last entry!

I am now the proud owner of a new Dell laptop power supply – which replaces the ill-fitting generic one which only charged the battery on a whim.

I am also the proud owner of a laptop table!  I had hemmed and hawed about coughing up the money for a better quality table, since the cheapie ones were one cough or sneeze away from dumping the ‘puter onto the floor.  Thanks to G and Craigslist we ended up with one of the higher-end ones for less than it would’ve cost for the cheapie variety.  It was from someone who upgraded to a ‘real’ desk instead.

Today was errand day; oil change, grocery pit-stop, gas up, all that stuff you have to do but tend to put off until you have absolutely no choice.  We also connected with the bed dude and he offered us a KILLER deal on a new king-sized pillowtop set.  That worked great for me because all our current bedding is king sized, including bedspread, comforters, etc.  Once we get a measure on the mattress thickness, though, we still need to get sheets.  We priced stuff out earlier today and if it’s not one of those ridiculously thick mattresses (I’ve seen some up to 26″ thick – my sis has one like that!) we can get decent thread count sheets for a good price at Ross.  None of that microfiber shit though.   It may be cheaper, but you definitely get what you pay for.  Gimme good old fashioned cotton, thank you very much.  Percale or sateen preferred, but I’ll settle for anything that’s nice and crisp against my skin.

Yes I most definitely am a sheet snob!

Paid off my credit card bill in its entirety, too.  That felt awesome!!!  Also covered some more little odds-n-ends, including two badly needed bras.  For the first time in my life I went into a store and found bras that fit.  What I thought before was a “good fit” was a joke in comparison.  Most of what I had was in the range of DDD/F.  The winnah?  40H.  Yeah, seriously.  Though only in one particular style – others in that cup range were not workable.   Feels weird not to be constantly tugging at my bra though, ha!

blouseI splurged on some new clothes, too; bought a cute summery blouse in a turquoise and coppery print with subtle flecks of gold, at left; and ordered a skirt, two pair of what I hope will be relatively nice slacks and another simple top online.  All clothing combined (with the exception of the bras, which are always ridiculously expensive for me) only cost about $55.  Yes, new.

Clearance and coupons, granted, but new!

The blouse is actually very pretty (more than the photo shows), very dressy and a lot more femmy-frou than I usually wear, but that’s exactly why I chose it.  While I don’t often actually dress up, it’s kind of nice to have something to wear.  My closet is predominantly tee shirts and the like; even my dresses, such as they are, are very basic and low on their style index.  Aside from needing the kind of clothing appropriate for interviews and such, I’d like to feel like I could dress up to go out when the occasion warrants.  In fact, G and I had a date for tonight – now postponed a day due to the fact that we’re both largely incapacitated at the moment.  Too much walking does neither of us any good.

OH!  And I also got my handicap placard for car this week!  Handicap spaces are my friends.  You don’t think those few extra steps amount to much.  They do.

Other scores for the week: closet organizer addition.  We have humongous walk-in closets in both bedrooms, which is good.  But there’s no shelving in them, which we desperately needed.  We picked up a two-door cabinet for $10.  G had a bit of elbow grease to clean it up but for $10 it was a steal – the closest I could find new (and this looked new after cleanup) was pretty close to $150.  Deffo a bargain there!

And shampoo to which I am NOT allergic!!!! I was bitching to G about how much I was paying for shampoo and conditioner, desperately trying to find something that didn’t create hives or worse.  I’ve tried all-natural stuff, tried this brand and that brand.  I have finally – slowly – figured out some of what my allergies were, but still hadn’t (and haven’t, for that matter) pinned down the specifics for the conditioner.  I’d be paying $20 or more for shampoo, comparable for conditioner, use it a couple of times and give it away.  From time to time I’ve found a couple of things I could more or less tolerate – and they were discontinued.

Yesterday we went to a local whole foods store and I decided I would give it one more shot, looking for something I could use that wouldn’t leave me miserable.


I had to pay $10 a bottle, which isn’t too bad (though I was gritting my teeth at checkout.)  When I got home, though, I discovered that I could literally get by with about a dime-sized dollop of shampoo and not a whole lot more of the conditioner.  And holy shit: not only freedom from itching rashes and hives and all that jazz, but I’d almost be willing to pay that much just for the gorgeous things it did to my hair.

The brand name is Organique by Himalaya, if anyone wants to check it out for yourself.  Zero sulfates/sulfites, no animal testing, too.  It tells you to use a generous amount on your hair – if you try this, trust me – don’t get too generous.  It lathers up a LOT.  The conditioner doesn’t feel all slick like most conditioners but works beautiful things on your hair.

There’s a storm rolling in so guess I should shut this down.  Hopefully the storm results in some rain and cooler temperatures!

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