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Chasing Chaises

I love to write and am a computer addict. Not like that’s news to any of my readers. I tend to post here on an erratic schedule any more, after years of regular updates. Much as I’d like to blame it on work, it ain’t so. I’ve worked ungodly hours before and it didn’t stop me then.

Part of it is legitimately G. He has the bizarre concept that as my spousal unit, he should have a right to some of my time and attention. Can you imagine?? What gall! (For those of you following from back when, I suppose I should clarify that the preceding sentences were said with tongue firmly embedded in cheek.) When my grandson is in residence, he makes updates challenging, but again – I did it before.

The single biggest issue is physical limitation. I can’t sit at the kitchen table any more, certainly not for any extended period of time. I definitely can’t handle the office here. Too bad, too, because my current desktop, while not new, was originally top of the line, even has a widescreen high-def monitor.  I manage to limp through the day at work, figuratively speaking, by means of my scooter chair and not staying put for too long without a break. When I get home, no way in hell I can sit longer in an office scenario.

At home, my only viable “office” is my bedroom, and my chair is the bed. Which, I might add, pisses me off. I have a beautiful home, and I’m effectively relegated to the back room, away from anyone else. On top of that, during the winter our massive bedroom window means that while the rest of the house is awesome, it’s damned hot in here! (In summertime the opposite is true; with the AC running, this is the coldest room in the house.)

Laptop TableG told me several months ago that he was going to make me a laptop table, the kind we could use in bed. It doesn’t solve the temperature disconnect or the social disconnect, but it would theoretically solve another problem.

My current laptop table is in fact held together with a couple of bolts and a buttload of duct tape. No, really. It looks a lot like the one at right, only broken. Our bed is so high that this thing is at its absolute highest setting, and it wobbles like crazy even WITH a liberal application of duct tape several inches thick at the junction point. The movable top broke long ago, so G bolted it straight. I’m always afraid of it going over and taking out the laptop when it goes, which I assure you would result in a shriek of frustration you’d hear in Jersey or further.

G’s oft-promised handiwork never materialized, which is about what I’ve come to expect from him. Yesterday, though, we found a laptop table at a yard sale for cheap, the kind with short legs to fit like a snack tray over my lap, and I was happy as a clam. Right up until we set it up and 1) the legs collapsed and 2) when I set it up on the bed and blocked the legs, it sat at roughly a 35-degree angle from left to right. That’s how the mattress tilts when I’m sitting or lying on it. Even when I moved to the middle of the bed, it invariably tipped one way or the other.

So basically, it’s unusable. Even had G done what he said he’d do, it would’ve been unusable.


G says he’s going to build an alternative that’s a single table stretching from one side of the bed to another, on rollers so we can move it when needed. Notice how I’m not holding my breath?

Our living room furniture currently consists of a used-and-abused loveseat which has just about reached the end of its life. It still looks reasonably good, but on a comfort scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being awful and 10 being awesome, it’s about a 3. Not awful, just not nearly great. For me it’s worse than that, it’s downright painful. Our other seating is an oversized wood wannabe rocker that’s worse. (It’s too large for anyone here – it belongs to somebody who’s 6’10” or so.) Our only other seating is an office chair, which I won’t even address.

ChaiseWe have a kick-ass 60″ TV in the living room and I can’t watch it because there is no place for me to sit. With all that in mind, and considering our limited budget, I decided to risk buying a chaise online. This picture is the one I want. I learned I need something that’s a straight line out, or nearly so. If it’s got a significantly curved bench, I pass. It would create a lot more grief on my body than it would solve.

We have an itty bitty car so there’s no carrying something that way. We live so far out that delivery from a local store, if it’s available at all, would be prohibitive. We could rent a u-haul I guess, but that’s going to add about $100 to the cost of any local purchase (at the low end). Whereas if I buy online from, delivery to the door is $2.95, and from it’s free. With either of those options I can also pay it out in payments over six months, if needed.

G decided we won’t be doing any such thing. I get where he’s coming from; his view is that especially when we’re so tight for money, he doesn’t want to splash out what we do have for a pig in a poke. When you order online, you don’t know what you’re getting in terms of quality or comfort. If it turns out to be crappy, we’ll be out the money and no better off than we are now.

There is a Wayfair store up in north Scottsdale. After I finally called G on his infernal procrastination (which makes me nuts, because I’m impulsive as hell) and a few other related topics, G agreed to go up there next weekend. Much as I hate driving that far, it’s worth it. (We’re talking about 160 miles round trip.) If we get a good feel for the quality and comfort levels, we may pin down an affordable way to furnish this place. I might get to enjoy my own living room, finally, and would be able to do a MUCH more viable alternative for the laptop, to boot. If I can crank my existing laptop table down to a more manageable height, I won’t have to hold my breath over whether it’s going to tumble backward every time I breathe too hard.

Cross your fingers.

Did grocery shopping this morning at the crack of dawn (literally – the sun wasn’t up yet). Went to Safeway with a short list, came home with the car loaded. Among my scores, a paper bag of apples, which I calculated to be maybe 5 or 6 pieces of fruit. Let’s just say my calculations were a bit off, and we’re going to be having apple crisp this week!

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