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C’est Fini

I’m not going to dwell forever on the outcome of the election. Anyone with an operable brain cell can foresee the fallout, and the rest will deny it ever happened, even when nuclear war is lighting up the skies directly overhead. America voted, and America gets to deal with it. I mourn for my grandchildren, who will pay the price for our putrid and rotting underbelly. I no longer have any hopes for their future unless it entails moving out of the country.

Moving out of the country is touted as a joke by some, but the subject was a pretty hot topic tonight on Facebook.


It didn’t stay at the top for long, but it accompanied a crash of Canada’s immigration website, among other things. The irony is that I probably could in fact immigrate to Canada, for a number of reasons. I have someone who would sponsor me, and my husband has connections there as well. Physically feasible is another matter altogether, not to mention it’s not in me to abandon my children and grandchildren, who CAN’T pack up and move northward.

I say this because it’s that serious. As POTUS, Donald Trump doesn’t only have the capacity to make atrocious speeches and incite his supporters to violence. He has the will, and now the means, to curtail or eliminate free speech; to repeal or curtail significant civil rights on countless levels; to appoint the Supreme Court judges who will form the nation’s legal backbone; and to call out the military force against anyone who pisses him off, internationally or domestically.

I’ve talked to people who support him, who deny the evidence on display throughout his campaign. “He didn’t really mean it,” is followed by, “He tells it like it is.”

Well, which is it?

I sat down to dinner with a neighbor last night for whom the N word was peppered in a conversation where he also claimed to be a Christian. His comment about his own heritage was, “I don’t care as long as I don’t have any [N-word] in me.” This is the underlying rot that has festered for generations in the US, but until now it was held in check by civilization. As civilization crumbles, this personality oozes out from under the rocks.

I know there are people who are bigoted in this country. It’s sickening to see that they’re in charge again. I anticipate women’s rights to become a thing of the past, and expect seniors and other vulnerable adults and children to suffer. If you’re LGBT or black, God help you. I don’t know how immigration will go, but wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to a grinding halt, with those crossing the border used for target practice. I don’t love the violence spreading northward from Mexico’s drug wars, don’t get me wrong. Unfortunately those I foresee as victims are more apt to be families caught in the double nightmare of trying to escape the drug wars, and trying to dodge American bullets as well.

The layers of responsibility for this are deep and rotten to the core.

The GOP has become a cesspool of inbred good-ol’-boy entitlement, which is ironic considering how they preach against the “entitlement” of the unemployed and the poor. Their pompous attitude toward money sacrifices the nation in favor of profit. It makes perfect sense that they’d nominate the person whose name is synonymous with commerce.

The DNC is complicit in that they crowned their choice of candidates by means of election rigging and a gleeful disregard for the very people they needed to vote the party lines. The emails weren’t the nail in Hillary Clinton’s coffin, though they contributed. The Democratic Party did a better job for the Republicans than the Republicans did. There were hundreds of thousands of Democrats who abdicated as a direct result of DNC actions, and the DNC has no one to blame for that but itself.

And voters are responsible. I don’t know how much of the general election was rigged and how much was legitimate, but it’s a moot point now. In our disgust with the status quo, the nation en masse ignored warning sign after warning sign and chose someone just because he was a political outsider. We now have a President with no experience in foreign policy, God knows he’s got no diplomatic skills, and he’s exhibited about every possible WRONG behavior for the leader of a nation. Yet people voted for him, on purpose, electing a madman who literally raised the possibility of nuclear war in casual conversation. We the People did this, and We the People will likely pay the price for generations to come.

The one and ONLY positive outcome to this mess is the likely abolition of the so-called “Affordable Care Act”, which is an unmitigated disaster. It’s not affordable and never has been. It’s simply a fiscal boon for the insurance companies and another tax on the poor.


  1. goatbarnwitch goatbarnwitch November 10, 2016

    Today has sucked mightily… and your words about our overall state ring true. I will take pause about the ARC since it was the only way my daughter and myself were able to get health insurance. As a farmer I can sell boatloads of cheese and enjoy the lifestyle I have chosen but I could never ever afford health insurance. After expenses we live pretty much around the poverty level. Couldn’t get anything before ARC but did get free coverage with ARC. Not eligible for other social programs except for HEAP to help keep us warm in these hellacious northern winters. So please take a moment to consider the folks who have been granted healthcare due to the ARC and will be back to nothing come late January

    • leilani leilani Post author | November 10, 2016

      I understand that ARC serves some people. Unfortunately for others it eats up more than a quarter of their income. With housing sucking down another half or more, not counting co-pays and deductibles, for some families it’s an unmitigated and unsustainable disaster. In my case, I get nothing – we sold our house but have no income to report (yet), so we’d qualify for income but had too much by way of resources. Now that we’ve spent down our resources, at least thank God I’m getting a little income going.

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