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Catatonia Becomes Her

I shoulda known it.  Brag about getting off easy with a cold and it is guaranteed to come back and bite you in the ass.

Consider my ass bitten.

Gnawed on, even, for good measure.

Obviously I’m still very much alive and scuffling along.  In fact, the snifflies are on their way out, though I’m still snarfing up all kinds of ickiness from my lungs.  (Isn’t that a pretty mental image?  It’s even more fun up close and personal.)

Yesterday was moderately easy at work, and today I’m being as lazy as I can, though I have (finally) been working on graphics and whatnot for the business site.  The page is up and operable now, technically speaking, just not yet ready for prime time.  G’s going to rebuild the main page, ’cause he’s much better at that part of the techhie stuff than I am.  Plus I have neither the time nor the desire to take on any more, particularly the way I’ve felt this week.

There will be a link.  Oh yes, boys and girls, there will most assuredly be a link once the world is in operable condition.  This thing is really self-running once I get the preliminary stuff out of the way.  I have a very simple, very doable marketing campaign covered with pretty much nuttin’ to it.  It’s the stupid, simpler-than-simple part that has us in limbo, mainly because I’ve been the master procrastinator of late.  (Or is that the Mistress Procrastinator?  Gender roles tend to muddy things up, as they do for other roles.  But I digress.)

And why, pray tell, did G not go on without me?

On-a-count of because moi didn’t get him the graphics.  We are a bit compartmentalized, you see.  G runs circles around me on databases and PHP techhie stuff, whilst I am the undisputed champion in the graphics sector.  So yeah, it’s truly my fault things weren’t up and running weeks and weeks ago.

I’m not overly thrilled with the current theme on this diary, either.  The reason it’s where it now sits is pure, unadulterated laziness. I’ve got fifteen or so themes installed and can switch ’em around with a single click of a button.  The only real effort required would be to drag my widgets around into place.   I will indeed get there sooner or later, I’m sure.  Just don’t hold your breath ’til it’s done.

I’m in the process of making a photo gallery for this site called Another Brick In The Wall.  Yeah, it’s in the early stages of construction right now possibly not even visible when you go to check it out.  (You didn’t expect miracles, did you?  I’m the master procrastinator, after all!)  I’ve got a few hundred family photos I need to get uploaded and am far too lazy to edit them all like they deserve, then hand-code the pages to get them displayed.  The photo album program does the dirty work for me, plus if I’m lucky I’ll teach my kids to upload pictures of themselves and grandbabies.

I love having all this stuff in one spot, and wish I’d figured out a long time ago how easy it was to set up and run with it!!!

While this blog isn’t meant to be an advertisement, this setup is part of what we’re selling on the website.  The hosting account comes with something like 150 free programs you can install pretty much with the click of a button.   (I swear to God it took me like five minutes to actually set this up.  The system does the rest of the install and sends you an email when it’s ready to go. )  WordPress is one of I think four or five blog options; there are several photo album programs, forums, shopping cart/storefronts, and so on, and so on.

I am thinking of putting a forum onto this domain, haven’t decided yet on whether or not to go that direction.  Feedback would be muchly appreciated!  Would y’all like a place to chatter back-and-forth a bit more than allowed in the context of a diary?  I started out my Internet experience on forums, but haven’t been so much involved in forums for a long, long time.  Then again, I did go back and dredge up the name of my original site here, and the original site was, naturally, a forum.

When pictures are indeed forthcoming, I’ll probably pop more images in here with a bit more frequency.  I’ll have to browbeat G to get his pictures uploaded too, since he has several better shots than I do.  That’s what happens when he remembers to take his camera and I forget mine, thus restricting me to eensy-weensy shots taken with my phone.

I hope everybody had a great start to the new year, and here’s hoping 2010 is a great one for us all!

Anybody doing New Years’ Resolutions this year?  I don’t typically make promises to myself that I don’t intend to keep, and I’m not starting this year.  However, a minor epiphany hit me over the past few days and I’m not opposed to letting it be my new rule.

If like me you are overweight and have a pervasive sweet tooth, think of sugary treats like antifreeze.  They might taste sweet, but they’re poison.  I have gotten to the point that when I eat sugar it literally makes me ill, so it’s more than just an analogy.  I just hope the lesson sticks when I’m staring a candy bar in the face.   A few weeks ago I fixed pancakes for breakfast, since I know G loves them.  I was fine for a couple of hours; but while we were out I had a sudden and catastrophic crash.  I actually saw the world swimming around me before I was able to sit down and get some juice into my system.

I would be a miserable failure as a Victorian lady.  Fainting isn’t in my vocabulary.  I’m the person who keeps going because she must.

But that lovely planet-awhirl experience was the exclamation point that got my attention.  It also dawned on me that the sugar fixes I was sucking up were messing bigtime with my brain in addition to my body.  Hypoglycemic moments leave you feeling and acting and functioning on the level of someone who’s downed a few beers.  Sometimes more than a few.

Trying to work on inebriation brain levels – not so good.  Not to mention the whole driving minus a few operable brain cells.

Cross your fingers that the lesson sticks.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired; and like so many other things in life, it’s entirely my decision to put an end to it.

Oh, and for the record: it does not feel good to put ear drops in your eye, even nice, safe, homeopathic ones.

That is all.

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