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Cashing In

This has been a weird weekend.  My son asked us to their place for a BBQ yesterday.  We went – and my son locked himself in his room almost the entire time.  AFTER turning the big screen TV to a blasted boxing bout.  Alliteration not particularly intended, and ‘blasted’ of dual meaning.  That sucker was loud.  It was also, for both G and me, spectacularly unwanted.

We brought along some potent potables for the crew at the BBQ, each ate a small amount to be courteous, and excused ourselves to head back home.  G took me to DQ for a Blizzard on the way home, we made a quick stop for doggy kibble, and fell into bed with the TV remote in hand.  Given that we’re both typically early birds, it was very atypical to stay up until 10.  When we finally thought to check the clock, though, it was nearly midnight.  And we were both awake before 6 this morning, urg.

The house situation is still in limbo.  The place we thought was almost a slam dunk resulted in exactly nuttin’.  We put in another offer on a nice place but it’s way, way over what we ever considered paying when we started this crapshoot and we still haven’t gotten any kind of response from the seller.  We submitted the offer on Thursday and I was hoping for a quick response.  It was one of the few times we were able to offer more than asking price.  Most places won’t appraise as high as asking, and they sell for over asking.  How the hell can you get financing for that?

The answer is you can’t.  Either you pay cash out of pocket on top of your financing or you pay cash for the whole she-bang, and we don’t have umpteen thousand bucks stashed back.  Though at this rate we’ll have a respectable amount put back for the move if and when we ever get there.  With all the uncertainty we haven’t spent a single penny that we didn’t absolutely have to spend, plus I’ve had a couple of relatively decent bonus checks.  Nothing spectacular enough for me to retire comfortably, but decent.

On the other hand, when we found out how much our rent will be if we stay here, nosebleed territory on buying our own house sounds downright reasonable.  I nearly choked when they sent us our annual notice asking us to renew our lease.  I don’t think so!!!

I slept a few hours today but I’m still only about half awake.  Gonna veg in front of the TV a bit and catch up on my reading tomorrow.

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