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I woke up at 5:30 this morning, which for me is somewhat sleeping in.  Considering I’d slept through from 3-ish yesterday afternoon, it’s definitely sleeping in, heh.

Ambition kicked in shortly thereafter and I whipped out a couple of sewing projects, both hand sewing.

Daughter unit is still in school with her eye on a medical degree, and while most of her grants and loans went to paying schooling costs and such, she had enough leftover to get some things to spruce up her bedroom.  “Sprucing up” included a dresser, nightstand, and bed (the bed itself was a freebie from a friend but required a mattress pad), since she had none of the above, plus a baby bed to replace the battered portable playpen that had been the baby’s bed since he was born.  She also got the necessary bedding, including a couple of decorative pillows.

Being my daughter, she bought literally everything on clearance at Target, and one of those decorative pillows had ripped at the seam next to the zipper.  Took a total of maybe three or four minutes to fix that this morning, then I tackled hemming a pair of pants for myself, which was a bit of a longer process.  The most time-consuming part of hemming something isn’t the actual sewing – that goes pretty fast – it’s the measuring and pinning.  So maybe 45 minutes to an hour for that project, including steam-pressing the new length into place.  I like a nice crisp crease and an equally knife-edged hem.

The next project was breakfast, and now I am sitting with a weekend ahead of me!  I debated whether to work overtime this weekend and opted to decline.  It’s nice for the paycheck and God knows the money is needed, but I know my body’s limits these days and know when to let that take precedence.

Next focus is a car and clearing up the straggler medical bills from my surgery in November.  I’d like to say the bills would be priority and in theory they should be.  Reality is the car is quickly becoming non-negotiable.  I told G I may just bite the bullet and take the vehicle into a shop, then sit back and let the mechanics point and laugh.  If it costs as much as buying another vehicle (and it might) it’s kind of pointless, so we shall see.

I’m philosophical about it.  Everything in its time and place.  Things will work out.

Hopefully I can get my head together this weekend enough to do some more writing.  It’s ridiculous that I haven’t done any more with the book.  The stupid thing’s done, for all intents and purposes.  You’d think the grammatical cleanup would be fast.

I told G last week that I keep forgetting to win the lottery.  I remembered this week, just haven’t checked the ticket yet to see how much we won.  Been saying for weeks I’d get around to winning the thing and it just slipped my mind, but I finally remembered to buy a couple of tickets for Wednesday’s drawing.  Hey – it could happen.  My mom won a car in a national drawing when I was around 12 or 13.  Our old car at the time was right on par with the monster I’m driving now – maybe even worse.  I won $300 toward a computer when we needed it.  The Universe can and does provide.

When we get the big lotto money we may move back to Payson.  G and I have discussed that and it’s a toss-up between Payson and Tempe.  I’d love Payson in theory.  Tempe may end up being more realistic though, with my medical issues.

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