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Car Title

Got a check in the mail today and now earnestly looking for another set of wheels (and hallelujah for it!)  We’re not going to be able to afford anything new or even in the ball park of new; but should hopefully be able to find something newER than what we’re driving, preferably something with working AC.  Our older monster’s going up for sale as-is.  I seriously doubt it will take much to fix the overheating problem.  Could be as minor as a $15 part but I just don’t want to mess with it any more.  We’ve called and left messages on a couple of vehicles already, but will continue to keep an eye out over the next few days.

I’m dragging my ass in a big way today despite a prolonged nap.  Maybe it’s the pseudo-rainy weather?  The temperature’s dipped to gorgeous levels and there are clouds in the sky.  A few sprinkles danced over the windshield earlier today but it was more or less just a tease so far.  Supposedly we’ll get more tomorrow.

G and I hit thrift stores this afternoon and I picked up some vintage costume jewelry.  I LOVE pins – enameled, faux jewels, faux whatever.  I picked up one piece that I think could be the real McCoy.  Pretty sure the stones are actual jade.  It’s missing a pearl; I might talk to a jeweler to see if I should just use a hot glue gun and a nice glass fake, or bite the bullet and pay to get it done right.  The other pieces include one with a dark patina on the metal.  It’s not copper because the patina isn’t greenish, but not sure what it is.   I paid $1 apiece for four pieces that struck me as decent quality.  I’ll actually wear them sooner or later 🙂

Other than that, just kicking back.  Will be doing some reading this weekend (finally, Terri!) and here’s hoping for the beginning of a smoother ride – both in terms of the car and of life in general.

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