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Calculating Woman

It’s been a busy weekend (when ISN’T it in my life?) and I’m still chugging along.  G’s been on me to tear through a stack of paperwork – which I do indeed need to tackle.  I’ve got other projects to be done today too, though; among them, more lessons to teach my younger daughter how to drive a stick shift, since that’s currently our only option for transportation and as of tomorrow night she MUST drive herself to and from school.  I took her and picked her up Wednesday night and didn’t get home until 11pm, which is not compatible with my 3am wake-up for work.  Not to mention the double gas hit, which is already ginormous thanks to the longer commute.

Otherwise, I wrapped up my annual physical Friday, thus concluding three consecutive three-day weekends.  I am sorry to see the last of them go, but glad to have accomplished what I did in the allotted time.  I have officially lost 20+ pounds, my cholesterol is doing just fine and considering the ridiculous stress of late, even my BP isn’t too bad.  The cough still remains and for that I’m being referred to a specialist.  The presumed culprit is still allergies, but given the year-long bout with the cough, coupled with the fact that my next-to-youngest grandson has CF (genetic, and both parents have to carry the gene for him to have it), my doc said it was best to get checked by a specialist.

Other routine tests to be scheduled over the next few months, likewise.  I’ll probably do some around Christmas or Thanksgiving, when our business at work is deader than a doornail and I won’t be making money there anyway.

I recently friended my realtor on Facebook, and glad I did.  She just bought into a very sweet investment deal and cited her sources.  I have been trying to find and enact some type of passive income generating option, one that isn’t the latest get-rich-quick scam.  I’d rather get rich smart, using business practices that won’t put me in legal or financial straits six months down the line.  To that end, I’m looking at things that are genuinely working for people I know.  Unfortunately the buy-in for this particular program is still over my financial head, but it isn’t so far over that it’s a permanent no-no.  I’ve got the information saved and will follow up when I can.

Still loving the house.   We will gradually start customizing the things we want to customize, a little at a time.  My impatience will just have to deal with things for a while.

We hit a few more yard sales this weekend, trying to be especially frugal.  We picked up a much-needed stepladder for $5, plus a couple of other odds  ‘n ends.  Our total outlay for yard sales was less than $20 and we bought items that otherwise would have easily topped $200 combined.

We’ve sprayed for six- and eight-legged critters, so nowadays the crickets that get as far as my bathtub aren’t generally living by the time I reach them, and I haven’t seen a living spider in a few days.  Unfortunately one of the peripheral victims was a frog we discovered in the garage.  Who the heck expects a frog in the middle of the desert???  G said he spied a frog in the back yard a couple of days ago too.  Not sure if it was the same fellow or a different one.  (Sorry little dude – if I’d known you were there I’d have encouraged you to bring along plenty of friends.  We’ve still got a cricket buffet in the back grass!  We only sprayed for bugs indoors so far.)

The water issue’s been rectified.  If you connect to me on Facebook you’ll know that our water supply in the area was contaminated with e coli.  We couldn’t use our tap water, couldn’t use the ice cubes from the fridge, couldn’t even bathe the baby at home until the ban was lifted.  Of course they didn’t bother letting us know until a week after the tests came back positive, and even that was done by way of the grapevine – friends whose kids brought home a notice from school.  Thank goodness we still had our water cooler and its five-gallon solution for cooking and drinking water.  Yeesh.

I know almost nobody reads my Ancient Humanity site, but this past week dropped an interesting new twist into my lap.  It was a family-related experience, which I usually commit to this page.  In this instance, however, the scenario was far away from the beaten path to warrant a move of venue.  My older daughter recited an experience to me, one she had as a child.  I can distantly recall something about it – think my parents were ranting at the time but I never let my parents’ rants get under my skin or I’d gone completely batshit crazy.

Now I wish I had paid more attention. My daughter’s level of excitement sucked me in: she was given a powerful jolt of recognition concerning an otherworldly connection, one that clearly resonated very deeply.  Read at the link for the particulars.

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