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Boxing Match

See this picture?  This was our living room a couple of days ago.  There are even more boxes now.


It’s a tad bit scrunched in there, but we’re down to the wire.  I signed a bazillion documents Friday and G signed a quit-claim, and as soon as everything’s recorded by the county we will be getting keys.

I’m only working three days this week, thank goodness. The electricity is already on at the house but I still need to get stuff arranged for Internet and TV.  Blergh!  And the water – we need to get that changed over and turned on.  It is gonna be a busy week, any way you slice it.

And yes that IS a monstrously big side-by-side fridge you see next to the TV.  We got a deal too good to pass up so it’s sitting patiently whilst we get through the next few days.

This weekend I have all the energy and ambition of a dead bug, but I still have the oven cleaner percolating and we went through a bunch of paperwork.  I’ve been fighting a combination of headache and nasty sinus grief.  Rarely do I get sinus headaches, thank God, but the timing on this one is kicking my butt.  It’s not so much congestion as it is swollen sinuses, and the Benedryl for that leaves me drowsy and kinda useless.

I think we’re going to ultimately end up with a retro-modern look with things by the time everything is said and done.  I won’t pretend it’s my absolute favorite, but I can live with it.  G may get stuck with one floral easy chair in our bedroom because I want at least one thing in the house that is warm and feminine.  I don’t dislike the retro thing – it’s just not my first choice.  I really like mission and shaker – the clean lines and medium to dark woods.  We’ve found a few things along those lines but most of them are cookie-cutter and I want a little more character.

We did, however, find this dinette set.  It will need the chairs reupholstered but either G or I can easily do that.


I like it – it’s not precisely mission, though it certainly has that feel; nor obviously is it retro, though it’s got a touch of that too. I like the upholstery as is but it would be out of place with everything else in the house.

I like our current set for looks – but the pub height is murder on my body.  Learned that lesson early.  We will probably hang onto it and use the chairs for barstools.  Come September the plan is to have a housewarming party and it’ll be crowded as heck.  No gift required, it’s just pot luck.

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