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Boxing Days

My Canadian friends know Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. In our house, boxing day is moving day (or close to it.) We’ve started moving boxes to storage now, though there’s still plenty more to move. We’ve sold or given away quite a bit – still more to go there, too. We’re eight days from closing on the house. I’m both relieved and daunted at the process. Today our ginormous china hutch goes – it’s sold already. The sofa’s history. We’ve packed up about 2/3 of our recently-culled book collection. Progress! And pain!

We went yesterday to look at two places, and ended up looking at something like half a dozen. Most were surprisingly good, one was atrocious. The one we want is affordable and in the location we were hoping to move. Our space rent would include water and sewer. When you take that into account, we’d be paying just over a quarter per month what we’re paying on the house. Add to that a swamp cooler in lieu of AC, which drops the electric bill to almost nothing, and it’s looking sweeter all the time. Hopefully it’s still there a few days from now, when we’ve got the cash to plunk down.

mobile1The picture on the right is the place we’re hoping to buy. It’s older and obviously not fancy – but it’s a roof over our heads. And a TV antenna, for what it’s worth, LOL.

From house-hunting, we headed to the hardware store to price out flooring and materials, because the place we want needs a degree of rehab. At our price range we were bracing for something that was trashed, and were pleasantly surprised to find that’s not even close to the case. Yes, it needs some TLC, but nothing we can’t handle, especially since we have a local handyman on call. We talked to our handyman buddy today, though, and not sure we want to pay his cost to install the flooring. It would literally cost more for the installation than the cost of the flooring and underlayment combined. We might, though, both because of time and because I don’t want G doing it. I don’t think it would be safe for G to do it.

Of course all this is predicated on the house sale going through on schedule, and us getting the place we want. It could sell before we get our shot at it, but it’s been on the market for a while and no takers, so we’re hoping it’ll hold off another week and a half so we get a crack at it.

The family drama continues. I’m proud of my DIL for sticking to her guns. It’s hard on her now but the alternative would be catastrophic for all concerned.

We’ve had her older son with us for most of the week and may have him for a day this weekend. He’s been a joy – we even got to take him with us to my sister’s house this afternoon, where he got a chance to play with a distant cousin of the same age. The boys played video games and made a sweet deal with their aunt (my sister). She had a couple of dollar bills in cash and promised them to whoever brought her something from the kitchen. My grandson (okay, she’s his great aunt, but whatever) brought it to her and she gave him the ones – which turned out to be fives, LOL.

But you know something? I was so proud of that little boy I could have burst. He split his take with his cousin, without anyone asking or suggesting he did so. My grandson has precious little to cheer about right now, so his generosity was an especially sweet move.

Despite some of the challenges, there are some huge bright spots in my world right now, and getting a new chance to spend time with this grandson is one of them.

More pictures – yes, the place comes with the furniture if we want it (we don’t) but with a coat of white paint, laminate flooring, and some more modern furnishings, I think we might have a winner.

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  1. goatbarnwitch goatbarnwitch July 22, 2016

    Good luck on all counts!!! Moving sucks but it can be renewing too

    • leilani leilani Post author | July 22, 2016

      Thanks GBW – I agree. We hate the move, but looking forward to BEING moved.

  2. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel July 22, 2016

    Hope you get the mobile home. It’s bright looking and I bet you can be very comfortable there. and you could probably sell some of the furniture inside to other people in the park. Crossing my fingers for you.

    • leilani leilani Post author | July 22, 2016

      Thank you, Terri. We’re keeping our fingers crossed – and yes it IS bright. That’s something that really struck us about it.

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