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I did it. I pulled the trigger over the weekend and submitted the book for publication. I don’t know what kind of time frame is involved. If it were on Amazon alone it would probably have gone live right away, but I opted for a more circuitous and (hopefully) wider-distribution outlet.

I signed up on the advice of Dangerspouse, then read some folks who panned the site for what’s tantamount to false advertising.

From what I could see, they are fairly reasonable on their charges – they take a cut on every book sold but that’s kind of the principle of the business. So if they’re the distributor, the retail outlet (like Amazon) takes a 30% cut, and takes 15% of the balance. Hey, they’re doing the distro and the work has a consistent ISDN across the board, at least for all digital copies. To me, that’s a value in and of itself.

The second beef is that while this is the Penguin publishing company’s site and they promote the option to pick up an author’s work, it’s never worked out that way to date. That could well be true. I’ve seen some of what’s been submitted to them, though, so can’t necessarily fault them there either.

I will say that I’ve read a few better pieces there lately. The original ones I saw were atrocious. The second work I read was fairly engrossing. Considering it was a work in progress, it was a little more encouraging. An outlet needs to offer some decent products or vendors will dismiss everything from them out-of-hand. I don’t want that, either. I am still debating where to take it for a print option. G is adamant he wants a paper copy in the house, and I know a lot of others who prefer paper over digital, or simply don’t have a digital reader. I ought to know – I’m one of them, too. I might go with CreateSpace, which I think is what Terri did. Any print-on-demand is expensive, and there aren’t a lot of outlets for it.

Yeah, I know my links are messed all the heck up. I am moving servers and it’s a pain in the butt. Yeesh.

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