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Book Me A Break

It’s been a wee bit nutzoid at work lately; and unfortunately not only for the crazy-busy schedule.  I’ve been among the limited few who have managed to keep their heads above water in terms of the new rules and regs, albeit barely.  Today we got a bit of tentative relief down the pipeline.  I say tentative because I’m not sure how it will work out over the long run.  Still crazy hours, though that part doesn’t necessarily bother me.  But the other part – bigtime had me concerned, enough so that I was half-heartedly looking for another job.

I really don’t WANT to find another job.  I like my friends at work, like what I do for the most part, enjoy the perks, and so on.  A few colleagues had already flown the proverbial coop because of the things that went down, folks who had been with the company since way, way back.  They’ve gone to six-figure jobs with MicroShaft and the like, so they’re crying all the way to the bank, but still.  I wouldn’t mind the MicroShaft pay scale, just know that the job situation wouldn’t an improvement in the long run.  Then again, if the jobs are equal, why not go for more bucks?

We got the gift card today from TigerDirect!  G and I talked and I think we’re just going to get one decent ‘puter kit instead of two cheapies.  I hadn’t said much about it, to be honest, but always planned to nudge things that direction.  By the time you fix up all the shortcomings of a cheap ‘puter you end up paying more than to just get a decent one up front.  We can still get a fairly decent computer with VERY nominal out-of-pocket, on the order of $20-25 for shipping, tops.  That’s damned little money for a brand spanking new computer.  Between that and the iPad due a few months out we should be in good shape computer-wise.

Hmmm… interesting.  I updated WordPress this afternoon (which is a piece ‘o cake the way I installed it) and it’s a different sort of interface to put in a link.  Simpler.  I like it!

G typically makes us a pot of hot tea late night but he asked to beg off tonight.  Not because he’s lazy, but because for the last few nights running I’ve been unconscious before he brought me a cup.  Given the state of my current catatonia and the fact that I plan to gulp down more melatonin the second I get out of the bathtub, I gave him carte blanche to skip the tradition for the foreseeable future.

When I went to get the stitches out for the late and dearly be-hated Molezilla, I inadvertently left my book behind. It wasn’t a big, costly thing but still kind of irked me.  It was the second of a Nora Roberts trilogy and I was about halfway through.  The doctor’s office called me today to say they’d found it (I’d used an envelope for a bookmark and the envelope had my name on it.)  I’m going to send them an SASE considering how far it is to drive to their office.  The gas would cost me more than postage and the postage will cost more than I paid for the book, but I was in the middle of the story, dammit!

I got an IM from my oldest son this afternoon at work and he and his wife are reconciling.  I’m glad.  I understand why they split up and while I don’t pretend my son’s an angel, this time the ball was in my daughter-in-law’s court.  I’m extremely lucky there: my daughter-in-law really is a jewel and I have told her so.   Some of my readers haven’t been so fortunate with their outlaws in-laws, a fact which makes me all the more appreciative.  I’m glad they met in the middle.

Time for me to mosey along.  The bath awaits and I want to frost the cherry chip cake I baked before passing out for the night.

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