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I saw an interesting article this afternoon. In it, DARPA is offering a cool half million bucks to someone who can build an interstellar starship. I think it’s an interesting concept and that DARPA doesn’t have the slightest wisp of a clue.

Really, DARPA? Half a mil? For a project NASA can’t do for billions of dollars? That offer might be good for a down payment on the conceptual drawings. Now there might be someone capable of pulling it off, from a purely intellectual standpoint. The knowledge would still need the technology to make it so. It was possible for DaVinci to invent a flying machine and God knows what else. DaVinci’s imaginations were nonetheless restricted by the technological support of his time. It took a few centuries for tech to catch up.

Same goes for computers. Obviously possible now; not so much circa 1292 B.C. Same goes: good concept, technically restricted.

There is plenty of evidence that our ancient ancestors were terribly inventive. I don’t for a second believe mankind as a race was more stupid a few millennia ago. We were in the literal wilderness without a pack of matches. Or books, or telephones, or cars. We were fewer in number (And, if legends are to be believed, equally bloodthirsty.). We were curious, artistic, and most assuredly intelligent.

I’ll refrain from asking what happened to that intellect. Ahem.

Any who, the link is here;

And on that note I’m calling it a night. In the last week, I’ve been wakened more times than I can count, and it wasn’t for nookie or chocolate, the only reasons I wake smiling. I’m drone with that BS.

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