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Jumping Jehosephat, or something like that.  I need to make this short and sweet.  Wishing now that I’d started learning Drupal instead of Joomla first.  They’re site-management programs, meaning when you install them on a website they manage the WHOLE site.  So if, say, you install a forum, photo album and chatroom, they’re generally a case of going through the administration panel, clicking a button to upload a zip file, then logging in to set up the particulars.  (The process is substantially easier than it sounds.)

Joomla is the tech-geek hot program these days but Drupal is MUCH simpler to use.  It’s on par with WordPress, maybe even a bit easier.  Took me forever to get the hang of Joomla and I am still not really comfortable with it nearly a year in.  A few days into Drupal and I built the site so it’s well on its way to being a pretty respectable page.  It doesn’t take an extraordinary amount of tech know-how, either, though it doesn’t hurt.  I don’t pretend to have everything figured out.  Still need to get my contact page fed into the mix and get some of the bottom links going where they need to go.  All in all, though, I’m pretty pleased with the way things are shaping up.

My boss said today the potential transfer is moving along.  It’s not guaranteed, of course; I’ve got to interview for the job.  But my immediate manager is behind me and that counts for a LOT.  It also helped that I will be getting a respectable raise this year.  Not enough to make up for everything but enough to make a dent anyway.  If I do get the transfer to the other department, God willing, I’ll be back on track.  Good thing; I cannot keep making up a deficit of something like $750 a month.  (I’m down nearer $1500 a month from the early part of this year.  Major ouches.)

I decided it was time to swap my theme for something a bit brighter here, too.  I love the dark red theme I was using but it’s too damned hot for anything that dark and red, heh.  Gimme something where I can at least pretend I’m in a world where flowers grow (vs. burning to a crisp) and maybe there’s an ocean breeze through the window.

For tonight, gimme a couple of short hops to bed.  I still gotta get up at o’dark thirty to go to work in the morning.  But at least tomorrow’s Friday!!

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