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It was one of those strange moments in Arizona history, when the impossible happened: it rained.


Unfortunately our reprieve from the miserable heat didn’t even last a day.  It rained last night.  Today it was back to our usual summer bake-a-thon.  I was off work for the day so I could get some routine blood work done.  I also actually got a little bit of writing done, thank goodness.  It’s become a real challenge more than anything else because of physical difficulties.  I have the laptop, which remains AWESOME.  Unfortunately my only laptop table is one of the bottom-padded goodies that works great for an iPad but is a tad too small to be really effective as a laptop base.  I’d planned to pick up one of the $20 adjustable laptop tables they’re offering at Wally World these days but thanks to the unexpected rent hike this month (we renewed our lease and my own fault for not looking more closely at the numbers and verifying they were NOT what we were originally quoted to renew) we really got slammed.  I told G I won’t renew again next year, especially not when we could literally rent a 3-bedroom house for less, even allowing for the utilities switch-out.  (Water’s included here in the blackmail rent, more or less.  You are billed separately but pay for it with the rent.)

Between that and the higher summer electric bill with the AC on just to stay alive, we’re surviving – but barely.  That $750 a month pay cut’s literally eating our lunch these days.  I am trying to hold on a bit longer, though – it’s time for me to make a permanent split from the rat race and make my money through less soul-sucking means.  I don’t want to get caught up with another interim fix, not at this stage of the game.  Better to stay put for the time being and make it a clean break when I’m ready to make it happen.

Thank God I have a weekend off after tomorrow.  I’m really on automatic pilot at work these days, and don’t foresee that changing any time soon.  Long as the automatic pilot hits the marks with the company, they certainly don’t care whether or not I give a shit.

Lots of things bombarding me these days, most pointing to the same end result: that it’s time to move on and that this time needs to be more than just another lateral hop.  In layman’s terms, no more “out of the frying pan, into the fire” moves.   Been there, done that, many times over.  I hate job hopping anyway; you never get to build up a decent salary if you’re changing employers every few months, and jumping without a net means losing health care coverage too.  Given our Congressional dipshits and the disaster-in-the-making stupidity they’ve been displaying (more than usual, I mean), I will hang on a bit longer if for no other reason than to keep insurance going.

I’m tired tonight so excuse my bitchfest.  There’s nothing really profoundly wrong, just that the daily grind stopped being a metaphor long ago.

Change of subject – I took a paring knife to my list of favorite diaries/blogs, at right.  There are people where I’ve been reading and commenting for years but they essentially have been snubbing me for months or longer.  My time is limited and I would prefer to read people who have at least a modicum of courtesy, so I deleted.  A lot.

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