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Bill of Wrongs

Our right to peaceably assemble has, over the years, turned into a tragic joke.  The latest example is with the Occupy movement, in whatever part of the country it occurs.  Police and politicians routinely assault peaceful demonstrators, using chemical and physical force to disburse the legal demonstrations.  The latest movement is a statement against the financiers whose cold and calculating thefts – and make no mistake, that’s precisely what they were – of other people’s money left our country in a fiscal meltdown.  Yet while the so-called “1%” openly taunts the desperate, the police and our political regime take potshots at the victims who dare to put the Bill of Rights to work.

This comes in the shadow of the disgusting demonstrations by the Westboro nutjobs.  They’re allowed to protest at funerals of young men and women who gave their lives for this country.

This nation’s legal system is in dire need of a clue.  And maybe a good hard kick in the ass.

How many of my readers remember a few months ago when kids were given Hell at school for daring to wear tee shirts that displayed the US flag?  They weren’t given grief for desecrating the flag, nothing like that.  It was that they dared to wear a symbol of THIS country on Cinco de Mayo.  So let’s get this straight: US students in a US school wore a US flag, and that was a problem because of a holiday in a foreign country: Mexico.  For the record, it is against the law to display the US flag in Mexico.  Here in the US, the Mexican banner is emblazoned all over the place.  And we might offend some Hispanic student(s) if we wear the US flag?  Does ANYBODY besides me find that stupendously offensive?

Now a new chapter as a high school girl tweeted her opinion of her state’s governor.  For daring to tweet her disagreement with the politician asshole she was required to write a letter of apology.  I sincerely hope that her governor goes down in flames at the next election, with the lowest ever number of votes.  Sadly, he’ll probably buy enough to be re-elected.  Thank God for once, mainstream news outlets called it for what it was: blatant abuses by the governor’s office and the school’s choice to thumb its nose at free speech.

I cannot help wondering just how patently stupid our politicians are.  Did they play hookey all through history class in high school?  Or were they too dense to understand that what originally spurred the US revolution in 1776 was (among other things) taxation without representation?  Because I don’t know who our Congressional and other Washington idiots are representing, but it sure as hell isn’t the men and women who elect them.  Raise your hand if you asked for your Congressman to exempt himself from the laws he laid down for you.  How about the pet project she tacked onto a filibuster, one that means you pay triple taxes on so-called “public lands”?

The level of fed-up-ness is way beyond the normal low grumbles.  Washington is sitting on a keg of dynomite and Congress is holding a match to the proverbial fuse.  In no way am I advocating violence, don’t get me wrong.  I am terrified that is precisely what’s in our immediate future, though, if our government doesn’t get its act together in a big way.  It happens and will continue to happen worldwide wherever the abuse of power carries its balance too far.  The US balance has been seriously out of whack for a while and it ain’t getting better.  Given the dubious futures for our young people, I can’t honestly say I blame them if they decide to whack back.  The government will of course in response declare a police state.  That’s when anarchy will erupt.

I most assuredly foresee a civil war in our near future if our political leaders don’t pull their heads out of their collective asses.  That doesn’t make me psychic.  It makes me capable of seeing obvious patterns as they emerge.

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