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Big Fat Non-Greek Moving On Up

I am fat, make no mistake about it.  I will be the first to acknowledge it.  I know it, and intend to do something about it.  Atkins works for me – except due to high cholesterol my doctor has expressly forbidden me from eating eggs.  And fats and pretty much all the things I need to eat to deal with my blood sugar issues.  (I plan to ignore a lot of his advice, all things considered.)

Since it was available and free, I signed up for a diet plan through my health insurance provider and just completed their feedback form.  What a load of useless crap.  I specifically stated that I have high cholesterol.  Every breakfast included eggs, and so did some of the other meals.   GAH!  Better yet, the only allergies they considered were shellfish, eggs, nuts and a couple of other things that are innocuous to me.  They didn’t bother to address the things I AM allergic to, like OJ and pineapple, which – you guessed it! – also make up a significant portion of their kill-me-dead diet plan.

And let’s not talk carbs, shall we?

The arthritis pretty much rules out any serious exercise, not that it matters a heck of a lot.  There have been studies pointing out that exercise kinda doesn’t do shit for weight loss anyway.  So basically until I can chuck out the money for hypnosis I’m pretty much on my own, just me and my piddly excuse for willpower.

I’m not depressed about it.  I am frustrated as hell.  I am going back on Atkins or South Beach, cholesterol be damned.  I know I can lose weight by controlling carbs, and in the course can almost certainly bring down the cholesterol levels.  I do very well at it, too, and could comfortably live with low carbs for the rest of my life.  The carb-lite lifestyle also reduces the likelihood that my low blood sugar will boomerang into full-fledged diabetes.  My last glucose reading was taken immediately after lunch, granted, but it was waaaaay high for me.  I haven’t been monitoring for a while so when the tech rattled off a number, I did a double take.  (It was still within normal range, so double take was all I did.)  It was still significantly elevated from my norm and I don’t like it jumping that much higher.  I’ll be watching more closely now.

We got kicked to the curb 45 minutes early today from work.  The power went out for the building and about an hour in, the power company said it would be another four hours before they could restore electricity.  Chances are the larger group was moved to one of our other centers to finish out their shift, but my team was so close to finishing the day it would’ve just given us time to drive there, get setup and we’d have taken maybe one or two calls until it would be time for us to leave.  From a business standpoint that wouldn’t make any sense.

I was way okay with the unplanned break.  As it stands I volunteered to work on the 4th, which will be double time-and-a-half for the day.  It’ll make for a hellaciously long work week.  It’ll also make huge inroads toward paying moving expenses at the end of the month.  Oh, and I had a kick-ass day before they kicked us out, so I didn’t feel pressured to hit any quotas before zooming away.

We gave our notice to vacate today.  We were waiting to hear the final word from the apartment complex we want, but when I followed up with them, turned out our current apartment won’t provide a reference until we notified them we are leaving.


The letter was already written.  I just printed, we signed and G hand delivered it.  No big deal except for the wasted time waiting to hear.

Time for me to blow this pop stand for tonight.  I’m hungry and the kid’s cooking.  We’re doing tostadas and my stomach’s demanding its share!  (Notice the proper use of the possessive its, vs. it’s, which is a contraction.  Yes I am a language nerd to the extremes!)

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