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Better Nate than Lever

This week overall has been kinda interesting. It’s definitely been a week for catching up with long-lost connections, good and bad. In addition to hearing from my ex-husband (who falls definitively into the bad category here) I also had my uncle over for dinner Tuesday. He’s an interesting character, my mom’s brother and the only member of that generation with whom I still care to connect. Uncle Gene is a widower as of about a year and a half ago, with part of his kids living there in TX and the rest living in this part of the world. He comes visiting now and again but with my work schedules seems like we never catch up.

This time around we did; I had him over for dinner, fixed chicken & dumplings (he literally sucked down every drop he could!) and just chattered a bit. Sad part was that it was G’s birthday and G was so sick he got out of bed to say hello, then disappeared again for the rest of the night. He caught the same ick-ness I had and I got slammed the same way.

Sis and her hubby also came over and her hubby was his usual obnoxious self. My uncle took it all in stride, including my BIL’s crude ghetto-osity. I don’t say that because the BIL is black; I say it because he’s ghetto, darlin’, and that would be just as true if he were purple with green polka dots. My granddaughter’s daddy is also black and is as classy a young gentleman as you could ever ask.

Considering that, G’s illness was probably just as well. I suspect he’d have gotten so disgusted with BIL that he (G) would either have walked away or kicked BIL out. So sad for my sis, who still thinks the big galoot is good news for her. But considering her prior spousal slimes, I can understand it. Classless or not, this man treats her well. That’s a legitimately Big Deal.

We girls watched the way our dad treated our mother and it seriously warped our views on men. Despite the issues I have now and again with G, I will take him over BIL’s kind a thousand times over. BIL can’t and won’t hold a job, either, and has managed to screw my sister over financially a few times. Been there, done that, will gladly and sweetly castrate any man who pulls that level of stupidity on me again. G’s at least responsible when it comes to money details, I’ll give him that.

Otherwise, it was really nice to see my uncle again and have him over for dinner. I rarely see my extended family any more and there are even a few of them I like. Next project is to get my cousin and her hubby over for dinner. They live here in town and shame on me for not doing so sooner!

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