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Best Laid Plans Laid to Rest

Ya know that “I don’t have to have surgery” routine I bragged about?  That since it isn’t life threatening I can’t/won’t do it and yada yada and all that jazz?

About that…

No, still not life threatening.  As the osteo put it, “It’s not an emergency.  It can wait a month or two.”  So guess what I’ll be doing for Thanksgiving vacation?

I was kind of bemused, just listening as the doctor just sat there staring at the MRI results, repeating over and over again, “You’ve got problems… Lady, you’ve got problems…” ( Seriously?  Ya think?  I’ve only been trying to convince somebody of that for a while.)  I think he said those exact words five or six times in a row before he stood up and called someone else in to see.  Even before he told me what was going on it was pretty obvious it wasn’t run-of-the mill.  (I think “obscure” covers it nicely.) What the MRI showed actually explains a great deal OTHER than my knee, also.  It makes me suspect that fibromyalgia may be a misdiagnosis.

Yes, I have torn cartilage.  That was a gimme.  And, as the doc put it, that’s the least of it.  In fact, he mentioned fixing the cartilage as an aside, more or less in passing as he was off to catch his scheduler. “While I’m in there I’ll take care of that cartilage, too.”   The bigger issue is a cluster of synovian cysts.  He saw something that made him think it’s a disorder rather than the side effect of the arthritis and cartilage.  He described it as being like a bunch of, and the size of, fluid-filled grapes mushed around and between the bones and cartilage of my knee.  And since one or more of them has ruptured along the way it’s forced its way between the muscle tissue, literally separating the muscles in my leg.  You could see it pretty clearly on the pictures he was skimming through while we talked.

I’d never heard of it before – actually started looking it up when I got home.  Apparently it’s not that uncommon in some forms, but I gathered from him that this version exhibited some kind of unusual… whatever. I won’t even pretend to remember the particulars because while I’m reasonably smart, his explanation went a few thousand miles over my head.  When I did talk to the lady who schedules his surgeries, she told me what he described wasn’t anything she recognized, either.

Back when I was getting theraputic massages, the therapist encountered what she described as jelly-like bumps in my feet.  And my shoulders, my back, my elbows and hands.  In light of what the doctor showed me today it clicked into place.

Thank God I have enough vacation time to cover. Barely.  It’ll be done as outpatient, and we live less than a mile from the hospital where the surgery will be done.  Long as I can get a ride home after and have a wheelchair as an emergency backup once I’m here, I’ll be okay.

Since I’m going to literally be incapacitated, G’s by necessity going to have to be the cook for a couple of weeks.  Lord help me, LOL.

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