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Because Reasons

When there are no reasons left why you cannot live the life that you want to live, that’s when your life will change.

That’s kind of a circular statement, but it’s also true. I’ve wanted to do things for years, but there has always been something in my way. I had kids. I was ill. I was working too many hours. I wanted to write (and in fact wrote for a living, to a great extent) but was unable to do so because of one reason (excuse, really) or another. There were always obstacles.

Looking back, I’ve begun to realize that the obstacles were nothing more than fear. I feared devoting time to my writing because I was afraid I’d fail and my family would starve. I was literally invited to write for Kindle before it went live, and yet I let the opportunity slide for many, many years. In retrospect, I realized that for all of the excuses I made, it really was fear that kept me from being an established writer already. Imagine if I’d written consistently for several years, especially when there was virtually no competition in the eBook market!

What kind of roadblocks have you personally erected that are keeping you from moving forward? Are you repeating the same lines to yourself, life after life after life, unconsciously sabotaging your ability to progress? I have the distinct feeling someone here needed to read this. I know I needed to recognize it. It hit me square between the eyes.

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