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Bea Good

So tired it’s ridiculous lately, but getting stuff done. Gradually, anyway. I needed a logo done now because there are pre-orders for the new product and a bunch more people asking about it. I’m trying to get web pages put together so when we launch the whole kit and caboodle, it’ll be ready to fly.

I hereby present our official logo, chosen from several submitted. It’s the one at the top of the page.

We knew this puppy was going to have to shrink down to an image of about an inch or so, on an itty bitty label. Hence the bee wasn’t happening. We tried the bee. Lord knows we tried everything under the sun to get that bee to work. In the end, we killed the bee.

This wasn’t what I originally envisioned, but I LOVE how it turned out. A huge factor, however, is that this image and text stays legible even in infinitesimal format. I adore the colors and it gets the message across. It’s also no longer secret, because everyone who’s tried my preliminary samples wants to buy it. Heck, I even sold the bottle I had reserved for myself!

Matter of fact, I wish I hadn’t sold my reserve bottle. I still have a couple of containers of balm, but they aren’t as effective.

The samples I had for people to try were home mixed and low potency. I planned use them like tester bottles you see at the drug store and health food store. Instead, every person bought what I had, even though they were used, even partial bottles, even thinned down drastically. The final product will be some 8-10 times as strong.

I plan to promo the heck out of it. Going to probably do a YouTube commercial, and do something with blog promos. Not my blog, obviously, since I have about six readers, but going to ask for some honest reviews from fibro and arthritis focused blogs, natural healing blogs, etc. I’m going to hire one of my daughters to talk about it on social media – she has some connections. I’m hoping to order my second batch within a week of going live. I’m going to probably spend around $1000 on my initial order, which will leave me close to that in reserve. Hopefully the results let me run with it. It’ll probably take around 2 weeks turnaround for the initial order, but hopefully I’ll be able to ramp up the volume while speeding the process, and still keep enough in stock to not have backorders.

For the record, the market’s now flooded with a lot of no-name CBD oil products, so I’m going to focus on branding and the fact that a those unmarked bottles can contain anything.

I sure wouldn’t trust something that comes label-free and you don’t know who bottled it or where. Some of the ones on eBay now promise 3000mg cannabidiol per one-oz bottle. From China. We all know how reliable, pure, and trustworthy Chinese products are, right?

That would be pretty close to pure CBD, and they’re selling it for $100. A more realistic price for pure CBD would be minimum a few hundred bucks, wholesale. Talk about your facepalm moment. That’s why I chose to go with a pro-level label, website, marketing, etc. A brand is about developing trust, and keeping your promise to your clientele/customers consistently. I can’t patent the formula because it’s a natural product, but I can promise and deliver purity, consistency, quality, etc. I’m doing made in the USA, so helping American families, too. Take that and stuff it in your Making America Great Again, Cheetolini.


  1. Joyce Joyce October 30, 2017

    I have used some CBD internally with nice results and am relying on good ole fashioned herbal stuff routinely. I would be interested in the topical application you mentioned your product is focused on. I bummed my right knee fixing the barn roof and am waiting on a new supply of old school herb….

    • leilani leilani Post author | October 30, 2017

      The internal is maybe a tenth (or less) as good as topical for pain. Seriously, I didn’t realize. However, the topical doesn’t kill anxiety, while ingesting it does seem to help with mood issues – at least it did for me.

  2. Sandy Sandy October 31, 2017

    Hi Leilani. Will you have an affiliate program for the topical cream? It sounds like a good fit for one of my websites about herbs and essential oils.

    • leilani leilani Post author | October 31, 2017

      Yep. That’s the plan, anyway. I’m waiting to get my final cost – still hammering out the production details with my folks that will be bottling it. I think there’s a contact form somewhere on the site – if not I’ll add one so we can connect.

      • Sandy Sandy November 9, 2017

        Sounds good. I’ll check back. 🙂

        • Sandy Sandy November 9, 2017

          Sorry…I meant to ask. Has the new website been rolled out yet? I looked through the post and didn’t see a link.

          • leilani leilani Post author | December 5, 2017

            Hi Sandy – sorry for the late answer. I had chaos at home for the past few weeks. I haven’t taken the website live because of dealing with a family medical crisis. Hopefully next week.

  3. Terri Tinkel Terri Tinkel October 31, 2017

    Sounds like the business is going to be very busy right from the start.

    • leilani leilani Post author | November 2, 2017

      Pretty sure it will be, Terri. I’m hoping it grows at a manageable rate. We need it to sell, obviously, but not so fast we can’t replenish the stock. I may have to take out a small loan to build out stock faster.

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