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Be It Ever So Humble

Our offer was accepted, with some small nitty gritty to work out.

We’re buyin’ a house!

The flooring allowance may or may not happen; that’s not a deal breaker for us because I think the carpeting can be cleaned by pros and look pretty darned nice.  We can do stuff like flooring on an as-we-can basis without hurting my feelings.  The seller didn’t blink at the home warranty, which is a MUCH bigger deal to us.  We still have to go through the qualification folderol, of course, too, but we were prequalified and hopefully the rest of the process goes smooth as silk.

All in all, once the ink’s on close of escrow and we have the keys, I’m gonna dance a jig!

We will be doing the official home inspection next week – I had already asked for a long weekend so I’m off Thursday and Friday.  We should take more pictures at that time.  The renters’ clutter aside, it will let us look closer, too.  We did a very hurried walk through over the weekend because we didn’t want to intrude any more than necessary on the renters, especially since the other realtor hadn’t notified them like she was supposed to.

This works out really well in terms of timing.  Our actual move will be pushed back to the end of September, which means slightly cooler temperatures.  It also means more time to get a car lined up and a few other details ironed out before we move.  Turn, turn, turn indeed, Poolie.

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