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Back to Being Back

Yeesh.  I do this stuff for a living and STILL a moment of stupidity put me temporarily out of commission.  I did a brief juggling act with my domain name – yeah,, the one that gets you here – and voilà!  I kilt my blog!  Thanks to Terri I was only offline for a little while.  Still irks me because there really wasn’t any reason I should’ve been offline at all.  It would have taken about 3 minutes of precaution.  I do this stuff for a living, for crying out loud.

That said…  started the new department today.  I am.  SO.  GLAD.

It would be awesome if this was typical of the job.  We were told to expect a tougher job, so I went in braced for that. I am flabbergasted at how ridiculously much easier it was than what I did before, and I got to sleep in an hour too.  Imagine that.  Now here’s hoping the money difference actually holds up to its promise, and today’s experience remains typical.  If it does, I’m tickled pink and then some.

Weird little side note.  Anybody notice the little Omega symbol on the WordPress toolbar?  The one that looks like this: Ω ?  I never paid attention before.  I’d been going to my computer’s character map whenever I wanted to type in ñ or É or £.  Or voilà.  Never occurred to me to look to the obvious.  Yeesh.  Again – I should know this stuff.

My sister’s biopsy came back negative, too, so more celebrations.  Now if we get more good news on the baby, our house will be significantly happier all around.

Youngest daughter and her boyfriend moved yesterday – escaping the bedbug infestation but as a result, having to literally wash everything they owned.  They ran all their clothes, bedding and linens twice through the laundromat before moving a single item into the new place.  With that in mind I babysat for several hours, and since taking care of Shortcake involved more time on my feet than usual, I’m paying today.  Counting down the days until they can get something done to fix this knee.  I started to say to “…to make me bionic”; but since it’s not a knee replacement, I won’t be up for the Lindsay Wagner award this year.  Maybe next time, eh?

If you haven’t done so, go read Terri’s entry on, talking about a friend’s experiences with past lives.  Cool stuff, goosebump times.  I need to pester a couple of other folks to write but don’t want to take away from Poolie‘s vacation time and my other prospective victim author is busy promoting his book.  I’ll bug them later.

Tonight, though, I am going to read a few blogs to catch up, then step away from the computer.  I’m so tired I feel like my eyes are swelling closed, even though I fell asleep EARLY last night and slept through the night.  I think it’s because the weather has turned off so beautiful: cloudy and cool, almost to the point I’d call it crisp!  It’s supposed to dip down around 40º overnight tonight.  Perfect weather for sleeping (and pretty much anything else.)

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